Matthew and Luke Essay

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Matthew and Luke

Matthew chapter five is a sermon by Jesus. It tells us what perspective we ought to have
in dealings with each other and with our attitude. Those who are weak shall be strong,
and those who mourn shall be comforted tell of positive actions or humility being
rewarded. Jesus goes through a list of these, exalting the poor and the weak. Mt.
5:17-20 is between the first section of what actions are righteous and before the section
of what seem to be his own version of commandments relative to the law. It says that all
shall be done and judged through and by him. So he gave a perspective on the humble and
then judged the law. He tells people to be righteous and then tells them the manner in
which to achieve righteousness. It included removing anything from your life that brought
you away from Christ. If your eyes were causing you temptation to sin, poke them out.
All you do ought to be done in Christ and to glorify God the Father, so whatever didn't
achieve those things were not to be done and one should do whatever necessary to stop

Matthew characterized Jesus in his gospel as such:
He is announced by the narrator as Jesus as Christ, son of David, son of Abraham. This is
not as strong, or divine, as Mark's announcement calling Jesus as Christ, Son of God.
Matthew does later note Jesus as Son of God. Matthew uses other's response to Jesus; his
evaluated point of view; Jesus' titles and attributes; and His deeds and words to
characterize him. Matthew's Jesus is a very complex character. In chapter two the Magi
see him as the King of the Jews. Later, John calls Him "one mightier". The centurion
sees Christ as a person of authority as seen in chapter eight, and Jesus called himself
the "son of man", which meant he was human.

Beyond all of these titles and characterizations, two stand out about the Matthean Christ.
He had great authority, and he was supremely obedient. He had power, but was humble and
served to glorify God with that power. He was depicted as one who's every action was
oriented towards doing the will of God. It is a standard that Matthew gives to nobody

First of all, Matthew was a Jew who was convinced that the messiah had come. Many of his
writings were Jewish, for that reason. However, he took issue with Jewish leadership and
the blinding methods they used. He used this perspective and wrote anti- Jewish versus.

Matthew respected and looked positively upon Jewish Law and much of the Oral Torah. He
did not like what was going on in Yavneh, though. The way the rabbis there were defining
these laws was not consistent with how he saw the law. He saw the Pharisees as hypocrites
who did not have his perspective on what was going on in the world. For this reason, he
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