May it Be According to Your Word Essay

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May it Be According to Your Word

"May It Be According to Your Word"

The main topic that Jack Reese discussed was how we should as the Church of Christ, deal
with and address the interpretations of scripture. Reese also emphasized that "nothing is
impossible with God!" He gave several examples: The virgin Mary was promised to marriage
to Joseph yet an angel of the Lord visited her and tells her she is going to have a Son,
the Savior of the whole world. We ask how can this occur? How can this happen? Always
realize that, nothing is impossible with God!; Sara was 79 years old when she was told
that she would bear a son. We think today that's impossible not capable because someone of
that age is physically beyond child bearing age. We know from doctors and scientists that
hormones, organs, and body parts do not function as they used to or at all past a certain
age in the majority of the population. Yet still, Nothing is impossible with God!; God
chose Israel, the weakest of nations to become His chosen people. Nothing is impossible
with God!; God chose Gideon and narrowed down his army to a small group of men who
defeated an enormous army who could have easily over taken Gideon and his men. Yet,
nothing is impossible with God for He can do all things! All of these things happened
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