Essay on Measle and the Wrathmonk

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Measle and the Wrathmonk

My book is called :Measle and the Wrathmonk;. The book talks about a boy called Measle.
Measle is an orphan, his parents died in a fire. Measle now lives with his uncle, Basil
Tramplebone. Basil treats Measle badly; he forced Measle to give him all of his money.
Basil used Measles・s assets to build a train set. Why a train set? Why is it so
important? That is because it is not only a train set, but also a gateway to an another

One day, Measle is curious about the train set. He cooked up a scheme to make Basil go to
the bank. Measle was playing with the train set when Basil came back home. Basil was
furious and made Measle to go through the gateway into the world. When Measle was about to
give up and let Basil torture him, he met another victim of his uncle, his name was
William. They met other victims and began to cook up a plan to get away. With a lot of
disputes, they settled to build a tunnel and go through the gateway. It was a good but
risky plan, they dug all night and when it was dawn, the tunnel was finished. That evening
they sneaked out and got through the gateway. Luckily Basil was soundly asleep and didn・t
notice their getaway.

Basil woke up and found them all gone, he searched for them everywhere but they were not
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