Media Violence Book Report

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Media Violence

Within the last few years, media violence is rapidly becoming a "hot" topic among many
researchers and parents. The recent upsurge of violence and shootings in our schools
causes us to ask the question, " Who should we blame for the hostility of our youth?"
There are obviously no easy answers to this question, fingers may point to many different
reasons. With the many different perspectives in this issue, I will discuss the three most
important, blaming the entertainment business, blaming the parents, and within the
children themselves.

Many can debate that children are definitely affected by the movies, television shows,
book and video games that the entertainment business throws at them. For too many people,
violence is an ordinary way to be entertained. One can argue that, exposing children to
violence can make them less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, more fearful of
them world around them, and more willing to act aggressively. The issue proposed, states
that once a child is exposed to such things as the video game- "Doom", violent books,
hostile movies such as "Die Hard", and hateful lyrics of Eminem, he or she seems to know
nothing but violence itself. Even with the new laws about new rating systems, young
children are still being sold such books, movies, and music. These laws are simply not
strong enough. Many people believe that the entertainment industry should take
responsibility, and to start censorships of things that are found too violent.

One can also ask the parents of these violent children, to take the blame. People can
argue that watching violent movies and listening to music deemed "aggressive," can
actually relieve some of the stresses of everyday teenage life. If someone were to censor
these things, then where would children turn to as an outlet? Parents must take
responsibility and perform their jobs as parents. It seems as though today that more
parents are spending more of their time away from their homes and children, and doing
other things. Without obvious parental controls, entertainment is obviously going to cause
children to stray in the wrong direction. It is up to parents, to sit down with their
children and to talk to them and teach them between reality and fiction. Children should
know that just because certain situations on television are dealt with in a certain
possibly violent way, that that is not the correct way to deal with them in reality.
Parents undoubtly hold the upper hand, so why can they not monitor what their children are
allowed to come in contact with?

One last perspective should look at the children themselves. According to The National
School Safety Center, twenty- eight percent of school deaths between the years of 1992 and
1999 was due to interpersonal disputes. In school shootings such as the one at Columbine
High School in Littleton, CO, the perpetrators were both eighteen-year-old high school
seniors. Most people would agree that at the age of eighteen, most people are considered
adults and in control of their own lives. These two men obviously had other serious issues
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