Medical insurance Essay

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medical insurance


The initial idea of medical insurance should have been a good idea as a way of
helping Americans afford medical bills in a case of emergency or just routine physicals
and check-ups. A lot of lower class Americans could not afford the treatment and would
therefore go without medical attention in both of these cases. In cases of emergency, they
would usually be put in to collection because they could not pay the bills after the
treatment. The government decided to set a plan to have humans insured, just like
automobiles, to supposedly make medical treatment available to all people - high, middle,
or low class. This should have been a good idea...however, I believe that it has only made
things less affordable.
By making this plan for insurance on human health, the insurance agencies are
making trillions upon trillions of dollars on people who would usually skip going to the
doctor for a common cold. Initially, the insurance policies were made to help in
emergency situations for people who had a broken a leg, or had to have major surgery and
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