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For the people of the Middle Ages, life was often
turbulent and trying. Living amidst a politically aggressive
era, which was brewing with poverty and plagues, often left
people in fear and despair. The people of the Middle Ages began
to look to the heavens for salvation. Religion offered security
and hope in a seemingly hopeless time, and so it soon became the
backbone of medieval communities and was injected into
philosophy, literature, and architechtcure. Thomas Aquinas’
(1225-1274) position in philosophy was a rethinking of Aristotle
in light of Christian teaching. According to the Summas
(Summation of the Catholic Faith), Thomas Aquinas believed there
were two ways to knowledge of God. There was the way of the
philosopher and the way of the theologian. The medieval romance
story “Our Lady’s Tumbler” embodies the idealistic salvation
people of the middle ages longed for. The story offers hope to
those who may have felt they had nothing to offer God. In the
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