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Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

Memoirs of an Invisible Man

After being caught in a freak industrial accident in New Jersey, Nicholas Haloway decides
to try to survive after the accident rendered him absolutely invisible. Soon he learns
that no one must know of his invisibilty. Soon afterwards, the army starts searching for
him because they feel that his invisibility would be extremely useful in Intillegence

Headed by David Jenkens, the project soon invades his apartment, forcing him to leave and
find a new place in the city to stay. When he decides to stay at his club, he establishes
a daily routine where he accomplishes the task of finding food and sustaining himself in
the club. Every day that passes, Nick begins to feel that the government is closer, a few
weeks later, David Jenkins shows up at his club and starts to install special doors that
would prevent his escape. Nick is now faced with a difficult situation, he has to leave
the club, but he also has to leave what has become almost like a home for him.

As he finds another club to settle in, Jenkens shows up and begins to raid that club as
well. Now Nick is convinced that Jenkens is going to capture him unless he finds a more
valid hiding place. Soon Nick begins to search out empty apartments in Manhattan, but
finds that Jenkens has once again started to raid empty apartments.

Nick knows that for his survival, he needs to find a way to keep him financially healthy
and have a permanent home that would be almost impossible for Jenkens to trace. Upon
arrival at an empty apartment, Nick notices the name on one of the Envelopes, Johnothan R,
Crosby. Nick also finds out that the Crosbys live in another country most of the time and
their apartment would suit him fine for the temporary time being. First, to prevent
Jenkens from finding him, he follow one of Jenken's men to the office where the
headquaters of the investigation are housed, he then burn up most of the papers in the
office so that the investigation would lose every thing that they had found.

After knowing that it would be difficult for Jenkens to locate him now, he settles down
and creates a stock porfolio with a broker. Knowing that it would be almost impossible to
for him to guarentee that he would make enough money on the stock market, he devises a
plan to secretly spy on people and find secrets of certain markets and places money on the
winning stocks. He is soon earning a great deal of money.

Meanwhile, after an incident at central park involving Jenkens, Halloway starts
considering that it might be better for him if he moved away form New York City. Suddenly
he realizes that is what Jenkens is expecting him to do after a threatening phone call
from Jenkins saying that if he moved to either Philidelphia or Boston, he would almost
certainly be caught there because Jenkens has men already placed in both cities and it
would almost be impossible for him to survive out of the city because he releyed on city
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