Memorandum Essay

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18 Mar 2005

Kirsten Yates-Konzen

Nick Callahan/ ENG 1010

Essay Entitled "My Profession: Becoming a Pharmacist"

The whole writing process wasn't easy. It took a lot of time to even start constructing
the essay. I had to think back to days when I was younger to get ideas. I spent hours of
research on the computer looking up information to try and construct a paper. I had three
drafts all together; they are almost constructed in the same way. The first two are
constructed like this: they have the introduction, then the reason one would want to
become a pharmacist, my plan of action, downsides and conclusion. I turned the first two
in leaving out a pretty important thing, the job outlook and job description. Overall I
think the final essay is written better than the first two. I fixed up on some of my
problem areas. One of the areas I had the problem in is tone. I made it seem like I was
talking to one of my friends. It needed to be more formal and I made it more formal. I
also tend to talk too much and put in unnecessary words. So I shortened it up a bit to get
the message across better. On the other hand I had some strengths in the paper as well. I
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