Mending wall by robert frost Essay

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Mending wall by robert frost

“Mending Wall” by: Robert Frost

Through my thoughts, to mend a wall is to fix a barrier of their life or to be more
cautious of what people say and do. In other words I think this particular wall is
between two friends, a wall of dispute or privacy, a invisible wall is slowly being built.
It is the nature of man kind to defend for themselves and to keep things that want to be
a secret stay a secret. It is also a tendency for people who want to try to fix the
relationship or to find out what things are being kept from them like Frost says in the
poem “something there is that doesn’t love a wall, that want it down”. Everyone wants to
get along well again with their friends family or their special someone, they want to be
accepted and trusted once again, and that’s what I think that doesn’t love a wall. The
feeling you get when someone looses trust in you or when someone is angry at your actions.
But being ignorant and stubborn as we all are, we do not forgive and forget right away.
“ “Stay where you are until our backs are turned!” We wear out our fingers rough with
handling them.” To me people do not forgive one another so quickly because then want
assurance that the other is honest about being sorry or regretful for what they have said
or done. Both must go through “wear out their fingers” a lot to achieve the point where
they forgive or are forgiven. That is all part of the way we live our lives its like
“another kind of outdoor game”.
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