Merchant of Venice Overview Essay

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Merchant of Venice Overview

In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio is the merchant, and complains to his friends about how
depressed he is and he cannot explain why. His friend Bassanio is in desperate need of
money to court Portia, wealthy women of Belmont, so Bassanio asks Antonio for a loan.
However, Antonio cannot give Bassanio the loan because he has just invested all of his
money into a number of ships that are still at sea. Antonio advises Bassanio to go and
meet with Shylock, a Jew who is a moneylender. Bassanio takes Antonio's advice and the
both of them go to meet with him. When Bassanio and Antonio meet with Shylock, Shylock has
nothing but a long-term grudge against Antonio, who had made a habit of talking about him
and the way he ran his business. But, Shylock decides to give Bassanio three thousand
ducats with an exception that should the loan go unpaid, he will be entitled to a pound of
Antonio's flesh. Antonio agrees, and Shylock gives Bassanio the loan.

Back at Shylock's home Launcelot; Shylock's servant, decides to leave him and work for
Bassanio. While all of this is going on, Jessica Shylock's daughter elopes with Antonio's
friend Lorenzo. In Belmont, Portia is upset over her father's wish, which stipulates that
she must marry the man who correctly chooses one of the three caskets. Bassanio and his
friend go to to court Portia. Bassanio and Portia declare there love for one another and
Portia takes Bassanio to pick out the casket. Bassanio chooses the correct casket and
Portia's father accepts him into the family.

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