Merengue - A vivid Kaleidoscope Essay

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Merengue - A vivid Kaleidoscope

Merengue - A Vivid Kaleidoscope

Latin Dance has evolved into a vivid kaleidoscope of many different cultures dancing to
the beat of a single drum. These types of music which find their origin in African
influence have developed into a meshwork of individual sounds and have grown to be
identified with a particular culture. An example of such can be seen in the evolution and
history of one of these, Merengue. This type of dance is native to the Carribean, however,
it has developed and taken its precedence in the Dominican Republic. This Carribean nation
has been crucial to the spread of this music on an international level.

Even though the Dominican Republic has been considered the original country of origin for
Merengue history shows otherwise. In Puerto Rico, visiting Cuban marching bands introduced
this new way of music in 1842 known as Upa. This new type of music had African influence
and introduced a completely new way of dancing. It was considered forbidden and was
completely eliminated from the island. Colombia and Venezuela also had similar sounds and
music that were danced around the coastal cities thus showing this music has various
external derivatives. This new type of dancing which appeared to have a fusion between
African and European roots and a result of colonization, and its custom of moving and
swaying ones hips and the placement of hands in its distinctive manner.
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