Miata Massacre Essay

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Miata Massacre

I am out of breath as I rushed up the hill, suddenly as I rushed up the hill a widespread
highway opened up in front of me. Without thinking I leaped into traffic, ONE, TWO, THREE
cars dodged I looked back and Chris MEEK! Tripped and Matt Watts was across. Once we hit
the parking lot we frantically scurried toward the local supermarket.

The Story begins in mid October. It was nice and warm day… I decided to hangout withy my
good friend Chris MEEK! When I got to his house one of his friends (Matt Watts) was
hanging out with us also. We played Halo for an hour than got bored so; we wanted to get
something to eat. We wanted to take the long and vigorous trip to Mc Donald's

We left Chris's street and made our way down Spenceola Parkway. Matt Watts' Phone rings…
It's a call from Jay Holbrook who also lives close by in Spenceola. He wanted to hangout
but we were already going to Mc Donald's. So he was like "OOKAAYYYY" (in a sort of
depressed pathetic way). Alright let me introduce Jay… Jay enjoys and staying inside, he
doesn't like going outside because he might get shoes dirty. Jay Panics when something
wrong happens. Well anyways we make it to Mc Donald's and start eating.

As we were leaving, about when we hit the corner of Mc Donald's. I see Jay and scream
"look it is Jay Holbrook! ", so Matt, Chris, and I bolted to he side of Mc Donald's where
they're happens to be a ditch. Then Matt gets the genius Idea to hurl a stick at Jay, we
later found out that Matt hit a blue Mazda Miata. So we ran through a stream that is right
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