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The Pelican Brief -By John Grisham

The Pelican Brief, another masterpiece written by
the well known genius John Grisham, is a challenge
for the mind. It tells of the murders of two supreme
court judges. While the Police and the FBI don’t even have a lead about the murder, a young law
student named Darby Shaw, develops a theory about the murder which is connected to the
White House. Her theory, which was named “The Pelican Brief” , reaches the wrong hands
and as a result anyone who knows about it is murdered and Darby becomes hunted.
The story becomes
more and more complicated as you go on reading and the sophistication of it alone is
enough to keep you a home with the book for a few days. This book will not only provide
you with many pleasurable reading hours, but will also keep you on your toes through

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