Mind-body Distinction Essay

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Mind-body Distinction

"Mind-Body distinction"

We usually view the mind as the brain and body as something physical. The mind may be
better known and understood when one is thinking. When thinking, the mind is made up
purely of thoughts and the body is an extension. The mind is telling the body what to do.
The mind is a mental entity and the brain itself is the physical body. Although one can
not have a mind with out a brain, the mind and brain differ in which one is mental and the
other physical. Together the mind and body are like a foundation. Empirically we know that
the mind needs a brain to exist, but the mind is not a physical substance. Moreover, a
brain sits useless unless it has a mind. Substances with shape, mass, and other physical
properties characterize the physical. In contrast, substances without any size, shape,
mass often characterize the mental.

One of the first things about our bodies is that they have limitations that we may think
are not there. Our bodies seem to be what they are no matter what we think about them.
Although you can change your body by changing your body image, you can never become the
ideal person you think you can be. Thus, our bodies seem to exist and be what they are
independently from what any mind thinks they are. Are bodies are physical and can not be
changed because we can see them change in our mind. The body can be controlled by the mind
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