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Mind Trip

Trinitron Solutions, Inc. is committed to serving the consumers in various ways. Our main
goal is to provide technical support to computer and electronics owners. In order for us
to be certified to support these products, we need to create contracts with various
manufacturers of computers, hardware, electronics, software, and various other products.
We are currently in negotiations with these companies, and things are looking positive.
The main source of our revenue will come from the money we receive by companies to
maintain the contracts to support their products. From the manufacturers standpoint,
servicing their own products as opposed to outsourcing to companies like Trinitron is cost
effective and therefore, we should have no problems in securing a revenue stream. The
consumers who purchase products from these manufacturers, called end users, will interact
with us through telephone, online forums and email. In the case of significant
profitability, we have various ways in which we will improve upon our operations. As you
can see, there is absolutely no reason that Trinitron Solutions should not receive a
significant investment.Board of Directors: Chosen by the stockholders to oversee executive

CEO: Oversees the company's daily operations and strategic planning.
COO: Runs the company on a day to day basis and reports to the CEO.
CFO: Responsible for accounting, payroll, SEC compliance, and financial management.
CTO: Responsible for capital assets such as computers, telephones, and future infrastructure planning.
Quality Control Manager: makes sure that everyone and everything functions properly.
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  • Booker T Washingtin and WEB Du Bois
    booker T Washingtin and WEB Du Bois During the time between 1877 and 1915, black Americans experiences many social and economic and political difficulties. Many African Americans supported the program of Booker T. Washington, the most prominent black leader of the late 19th and early 20th century, who counseled them to focus on modest economic goals and to accept temporary social discrimination. Others, led by the African-American intellectual W.E.B. Du Bois, wanted to challenge segregation thro
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
    Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra founded in 1895, gave its first concert the following year under the direction of Frederic Archer. Victor Herbert was the chief conductor from 1898 to 1904; he was succeeded by Emil Paur (1904–10). The orchestra was then disbanded. It was revived in 1926, and over the next decade it was led by Elias Breeskin (1927–30) and Antonio Modarelli (1930–37). The orchestra was reorganized by Otto Klemperer in 1937. Fritz Reiner was chief conduct
  • International Law Ireland
    International Law Ireland INTERNATIONAL LAW IRELAND Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe today. It is amazing to think That this is true after so many years of being a struggling nation and people Forced to pay high taxes in order to keep the economy from collapsing. All that has changed since we joined the EC. A lot of people can now enjoy the high standards of living and many overseas company are now coming over to invest here because of our superior workforce and education system
  • How Will We Use Tomorrows PCs
    How Will We Use Tomorrows PCs How Will We Use Tomorrow\'s P.C.s? Tomorrow\'s PCs are going to be different in many ways; they will be more powerful, they will include more facilities for multimedia, and looking further ahead, they may have features such as three dimensional displays, or wrap around virtual reality. These changes will shape the way which we use our PCs, but even without such advances, there are changes that can and will take place in the operating systems that enable us to make b
  • The First Chapter of computer Languages
    The First Chapter of computer Languages The Tortuous Path of Early Programming. In the perpetual darkness more than two miles below the surface of the North Atlantic, a submersible sled slowly traced the alpine contours of the ocean bottom in the summer of 1985. Named the Argo after the ship in which the legendary Greek Hero Jason sought the Golden Fleece, the 16-foot-long craft resembled a section of scaffolding flung on its side and stuffed with equipment, Powerful lights, sonar, Video cameras
  • Handmaids tale propaganda
    handmaids tale propaganda Early in The Handmaids Tale, Offred says, after having seen a group of Japanese women wearing short skirts, rather than the typical, compulsory dress of Gilead: "We are fascinated, but also repelled. They seem undressed. It has taken so little time to change our minds about things like this" This illustrates how the minds of the population have been manipulated to make them comply with the Governments views. Like in most totalitarian societies, the Gilead Government
  • How would an actor prepare to play Richard in Shak
    How would an actor prepare to play Richard in Shakespeares Richard II How didst thou sway the theatre! Make us feel The players’ wounds were true, and their swords, steel! Nay, stranger yet, how often did I know When the spectators ran to save the blow? Frozen with grief we could not stir away Until the epilogue told us ‘twas a play. From the point of view of an actor, playing the part of Bolingbroke or Richard is a daunting task. There are a number of ways in which an actor prepares to assume a
  • Summary of the French Revolution
    Summary of the French Revolution France was an absolute monarchy. Louis XIV (1643 – 1715) was the envy of all other rulers in Europe. During his reign he had centralized the government and had encouraged trade and manufacture. His undoing was the long list of over ambitious wars that he had participated in. His successors Louis XV (1715 – 74) and Louis XVI (1774 – 93) also participated in lengthy and costly conflicts. France had suffered defeat in the Seven Years War against Britain (1756 – 63).
  • Great Depression
    Great Depression The Great Depression The Great Depression took place from 1930 to 1939. During this time the prices of stock fell 40%. 9,000 banks went out of business and 9 million savings accounts were wiped out. 86,000 businesses failed, and wages were decreased by an average of 60%. The unemployment rate went from 9% all the way to 25%, about 15 million jobless people. Economic Indicators of the Great Depression Indicator 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 Unemployment (in millions) 2.0 1.6 4.3
  • Marketing Management Strategy Of An SME
    Marketing Management Strategy Of An SME Investigating and Measuring the Effect Of The Firm’s Recent Implementation of a Marketing Management Strategy And Relating The Concepts and Thinking Behind This Orientation to Theory. Applying Marketing Management Theory To Produce Recommendations For Future Business Success and Development. "Marketing ideas have made singularly little penetration into the centres of influence of the construction industry. To some extent this follows from the character of
  • Economic Impact of Telecommunications
    Economic Impact of Telecommunications The Economic Impact of The New Telecommunications Legislation Canada has been transformed in recent years into an information based society. Nearly half of the labour force in Canada works in occupations involving the collection and processing of information. In a society in which information has become a commodity, communications provide a vital link that can mean the difference between success or failure. Telecommunications is a fundamental infrastructure
  • Finland
    Finland There is evidence of Finland being inhabited as early as 10.000 years ago. Those inhabitant\'s main occupation was hunting and fishing. They came to Finland by different routes - through Karelia and over the sea from the west and the south. There are many language groups: the Finnish, the Finnish Swedish (coastal area, the Åland islands), the Lapps (Lapland) and the Romany. There are two official languages in Finland - Finnish and Swedish. At present the population amounts to a little ov
  • Gcxhgfx
    gcxhgfx 1. Australian Book Contracts Barbara Jeffris Members .95 Non-Members .95 Postage & Handling .00 2nd Edition of what author Tom Keneally calls his \'contractual bible\' Royalty & Upfront Contracts Acceptable Royalty Rates Subsidiary & Merchandising Rights Advice on Electronic Rights, Agents, Option Clauses, Literary Estates, etc. Electronic/Digital Rights: A Handbook for Authors Lynne Spender Members first copy FREE Non-Members .00 Postage & Handling .00 Companion book to Aus
  • How can domestic violence be explained
    How can domestic violence be explained Introduction Domestic violence against women is a serious and widespread problem that is just not confined to the UK as Heise et al (1994) indicates that between 20 to 50 per cent of women in most countries experience spousal abuse at least once in their lives. During 1995 almost one third of 4,967 women murdered in the United States were killed by their boyfriend or husbands. Nor does domestic violence stop at mere physical abuse, but can include sexual, v
  • Hubble
    hubble THE JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA JOURNAL DE LA SOCIÉTÉ ROYALE D ASTRONOMIE DU CANADA Vol. 83, No.6 December 1989 Whole No. 621 EDWIN HUBBLE 1889-1953 By Allan Sandage The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution, Pasadena, California, U.S.A. (Received September 22, 1989) Hubble\'s role. This year marks the centennial of the birth of Edwin Hubble. There can be no doubt that future historians, writing about the scientific advances of this age will describe the 20th c
  • Injection Techniques
    Injection Techniques Injection Techniqes, Part 1 INJECTING STEROIDS There is much debate surrounding the question of whether injectable steroids are more or less effective and safe than oral steroids. It is suggested that the oral steroids, which have a special "17-? alkylated" chemical structure making them active orally and more difficult for the liver to break down, may be more toxic to the liver. In addition, these oral steroids are subject to "first pass metabolism\' meaning the liver is ex
  • Intro computing
    intro computing Introduction The relentless advance of IT and telecommunications systems has brought dramatic benefits to individuals, businesses and other organisations. These years, the world has developed into an information economy, and the applying of new technologies is at the centre of the activity. New technologies are being developed at a record pace. Those celebrities such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steven Jobs of Apple all emerged to create information technology dynasties for 1980s
  • Pain in the world
    pain in the world LIBERAL PARTY PLATFORM OVERVIEW OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL THE LIBERAL PLAN FOR THE FUTURE OF CANADA STRONG FINANCES · As of January 1, 2001, we will reduce the 29% top tax rate to 26% for incomes ranging from ,000 to 0,000, and we will eliminate the deficit reduction surtax. · In 2000, we reduced the 26% middle rate for those earning between ,000 and ,000 to 24%. As of January 1, 2001, we will reduce it further, to 22%. · As of January 1, 2001, we will reduce the bottom r
  • Rain
    Rain ÿAcid Rain Acid Rain Introduction Acid rain has become an environmental concern of global importance within the last decade. With the increasing environmental awareness of the "unhealthy" condition of our planet earth the concern about acid rain has not lessened. In brief, acid rain is rain with pH values of less than 5.6. When dealing with acid rain one must study and understand the process of making Sulfuric acid. In this project we will take an in depth look into the production of sulfur
  • Summary british history
    summary british history ESWH Chapter 1 The foundation Stones The Island Britain is an Island and its history has been closely connected to the sea. The seas saved Britain from danger. Strong national sense have been developed by the sea. Britain’s prehistory Britain has not always been an island. The ice age wasn’t one cold period. Our first evidence of human life is a few stone tools, dating from 250.000 BC. Britain was hardly habitable until another milder period around 50.000 BC. During this
  • Observing Stars
    Observing Stars Observing Stars Our view of the sky at night is possible because of the emission and reflection of light. \'Light\' is the better-known term for the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes waves in the visible, ultra-violet, infra-red, microwave, radio, X-ray and gamma-ray regions. The scale of the spectrum is so large that no region is distinct, several overlap each other. Each of these regions in the electromagnetic spectrum represent transverse waves, travelling as electrical
  • Kubla Khan
    Kubla Khan Kubla Khan If a man could pass thro\' Paradise in a Dream, & have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his Soul had really been there, & found that flower in his hand when he awoke -- Aye! and what then? (CN, iii 4287) Kubla Khan is a fascinating and exasperating poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (. Almost everyone who has read it, has been charmed by its magic. It must surely be true that no poem of comparable length in English or any other language has been the subject o
  • Russian and CIS interventions
    Russian and CIS interventions Russian and CIS peace enforcement in Tajikistan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iver B. Neumann Sergey V. Solodovnik -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forthcoming in Lena Jonson and Clive Archer (eds.): Russian and CIS Peacekeeping (Westview, 1995). Publication no. 1 - 1995, Centre of Russians Studies. Summary Tajikistan is situated between the five historic empires of As
  • Fiberoptics ENDOSCOPY
    fiberoptics ENDOSCOPY FIBER –OPTICS “ENDOSCOPIC PHOTOGRAPHY” SUBMITTED TO : Sabri ALTINTAÞ SUBMITTED BY : Burak AKAY 9703163 BOÐAZÝÇÝ UNIVERSITY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT MATERIAL SCIENCE TERM PROJECT SUMMER 2000 ABSTRACT Fiber optics produced by special methods from silica glass and quartz which replaced copper wire is very useful in telecommunications, long distance telephone lines and in examining internal parts of the body (endoscopy). Equipment for photography is available with all
  • B2B in SMEs Perspectives and Future Challenges
    B2B in SMEs Perspectives and Future Challenges Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose and Content The Forrester report (Feb. 2000) in an article entitled “eMarketplaces Boost B2B Trade.” Predicts that ‘B2B (business to business) e-Commerce will reach .7 trillion in 2004. While Internet trade between individual partners will continue to flourish, eMarketplaces will fuel most of the growth reaching 53% of all online business trade in five years.’ These figures would suggest that it is imperative tha
  • Correctional officer
    correctional officer CAREER RESEARCH REPORT The career I have chosen to pursue after graduation is a Correctional Officer. Correctional Officer’s have been around for a very long time and were designed to keep major offenders off the street after they have been arrested by the Police. The offenders are put in a holding cell at a Pre Trial Centre awaiting their court date. Correctional Officers are a very important part of the Justice System because it keeps high profile criminals off the street
    job CAREER RESEARCH REPORT The career I have chosen to pursue after graduation is a Correctional Officer. Correctional Officer’s have been around for a very long time and were designed to keep major offenders off the street after they have been arrested by the Police. The offenders are put in a holding cell at a Pre Trial Centre awaiting their court date. Correctional Officers are a very important part of the Justice System because it keeps high profile criminals off the street and locked up ev
  • WOMEN IN INDIA their chances of education and work
    WOMEN IN INDIA their chances of education and work outside the home Break Silence They want to break our success Time demands that we break this silence If we are raising our voice Why should They get angry? We are fighting so that we have equality We are fighting so that we have dignity We are fighting so that we have happiness We are fighting so that we have peace We are fighting so that we have justice We are fighting for Women\'s liberation Break Silence. . . . . . . . . . . They are scared
  • The House on Mango Street
    The House on Mango Street Table of contents Preface ...................................................................................................................................... 2 1. The Novel 1.1 Summary ....................................................................................................................... 2 1.2 The author and her novel  Biographical notes ............................................................ 3 2. America 2.1 The New World .....................
  • The House on Mango Street
    The House on Mango Street Table of contents Preface ...................................................................................................................................... 2 1. The Novel 1.1 Summary ....................................................................................................................... 2 1.2 The author and her novel  Biographical notes ............................................................ 3 2. America 2.1 The New World .....................
  • Does McDonalds offer a model which other businesse
    Does McDonalds offer a model which other businesses should follow Does McDonald’s offer a model which other businesses should follow? At first, most people must have laughed at the idea of a chain of restaurants selling identical products all over the country, but little did they know that the genius idea that they had mocked would go on to revolutionise the business environment of the future. McDonald’s is now the international market leader for fast food, and has been ever since its pioneerin
  • Fords supply chain strategy in 2000
    Fords supply chain strategy in 2000 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An analysis of the current situation revealed the following issues in the current spply chain: Ø Information flow impaired beyond level one suppliers. Ø Development of Information Technology in the supplier base. Ø Competitors headed to a virtual organisation. The decision to be taken is whether to virtually integrate the supply chain (create a virtual marketplace accessible to authorised personnel) or carry on operating the traditional way
  • Information and communications technology
    information and communications technology Information and communications technology (ICT)? To illustrate the importance of Information and Communications technology (ICT) for the smooth running of a multi-site business. Information and communications technology is a system used to control, manage, process and create information through telecommunications technology and computers. (Otherwise known as ICT). Although information and communications technology describes a large range of systems ther
  • Marketing Research
    Marketing Research 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Sasel Research has developed a research proposal for Epic Developers to investigate the needs and wants when buying inner-city luxury apartments. The information that we collect will determine the advertising strategies that will be employed. Background information must be considered before research design and data collection methods are implemented. We have collected a variety of secondary information including Australian Bureau of Statistics and focusin
  • Mc donalds
    mc donalds Advertising Advertising is a highly specialised area of marketing. It includes researching and developing television and radio commercials and print advertisements, as well as the planning and execution of buying media. McDonald\'s advertising focuses on two key areas: 1. Promotional advertising 2. Brand advertising Promotional Advertising Promotional advertising gives people a new reason to visit McDonald\'s or to try McDonald\'s for the first time. McDonald\'s Marketing researches,
  • Mido
    mido Abstract: Amazon.com is an On-line retailer of, originally, books. The company was established as a micro enterprise in the US in 1994. Since then it has enjoyed rapid expansion in all aspects of its operations, including business turnover, and a spectacular rise in share value since public floatation in 1997. New on-line sites based in Germany and UK and a distribution centre in Amsterdam were established in 1998 to cater for European markets. On August 30, 2000 Amzon.com launched its thi
  • The City of London8217s financial Services and Mar
    The City of London8217s financial Services and Markets 1. The City of Londons financial Services and Markets: The City of London is one of the worlds three leading financial centres, along with Tokyo and New York, and is by far the largest in Europe. While New York and Tokyo rely on very large domestic economies to fuel their business, Londons success can be attributed to its international business. Major financial institutions and markets in the City include the Bank of England, the London
  • Training
    training Informal and Formal Training and Development Informal Training and Development Informal training and development is rather casual and incidental. Typically, there are no specified training goals as such, nor are their ways to evaluate if the training actually accomplished these goals or not. This type of training and development occurs so naturally that many people probably aren\'t aware that they\'re in a training experience at all. Probably the most prominent form of informal trainin
  • The Internet Past Present and Future
    The Internet Past Present and Future Introduction This report describes the history of the Internet. The report shows how the Internet was started and outlines the progress the Internet has made over the years. The World Just Got Smaller The Internet is not as new as you may think; todays information super highway began as a bunch of converging footpaths in the 1960s. Many people credit the ARPAnet (the first computer network designed by the Advances Research Projects Agency) as the starting
  • Daudi Bohra English as spoken in Sri Lanka
    Daudi Bohra English as spoken in Sri Lanka Daudi Bohra English as spoken in Sri Lanka Just a few centuries ago English was only spoken by about five to seven million people on Britain, which was merely one, relatively small island. The language at that time only consisted of dialects spoken by monolinguals. But the story of English is quite different today. There are more non-native than native speakers of English, and it has become the linguistic key used for opening borders. It is now a globa
  • Chemials
    chemials The way, we the humans, treat our own environment can be devastating. This is where the respective role of governments can make decisions that shape environmental policy and responsibilities. These governments can be broken up into four different levels: local, state, federal and international. Air chemical pollution and biodiversity are two current issues that can be related to the role of governments. Global warming is also another implication that has a devastating effect on the env
  • Nigeria
    Nigeria The Federal Republic of Nigeria, known as Nigeria, is located on the African continent and borders on the south the Gulf of Guinea, on the east Cameroon, on the northeast Chad, Niger on the north, and Benin on the west. Nigeria is divided into four sections: the north, south, east, and west. The Hausa kingom is located in the north, the Yoruba in the south and the west, and Ibo in south and the east. The Hausa, Ibo, and Yoruba are the major ethnic group of Nigeria, but also refer to the
  • Food nutrition and weight loss
    food nutrition and weight loss Human beings require food to grow, reproduce, and maintain good health. Without food, our bodies could not stay warm, build or repair tissue, or maintain a heartbeat. Eating the right foods can help us avoid certain diseases or recover faster when illness occurs. These and other important functions are fueled by chemical substances in our food called nutrients. Nutrients are classified as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Although human
  • Germanys Reunification
    Germanys Reunification Germany?s Reunification Was It Beneficial? It was all so good in the beginning. In 1989, after 40 years of separation, the two Germanys finally became one again. But as often, there were and still are doubts about whether or not reunification was the right move to do. The hope that two different social, political as well as two different economical and educational systems would grow together neatly without major problems was Fig. 1.1 Source: German Reunification and the P
  • History of the United States
    History of the United States United States, history of The transformation of American society, 1865-1900 National expansion Growth of the nation The population of the continental United States in 1880 was slightly above 50,000,000. In 1900 it was just under 76,000,000, a gain of more than 50 percent, but still the smallest rate of population increase for any 20-year period of the 19th century. The rate of growth was unevenly distributed, ranging from less than 10 percent in northern New England
    TO WHAT EXTENT WAS CHRISTIANITY A UNIFYING INFLUENCE IN THE HISTORY OF EUROPE Europe was a Christian creation, not only in essence but in minute detail The above statement can perhaps best sum up the relationship between Christianity and Europe throughout the ages. Christianity has been the strongest single influence in the history of Europe. Regardless of the century, no discussion would be complete without reference being made, at least in small part, to the Church. It is true that in recen
  • Marketing Strategy for the icecream sector
    Marketing Strategy for the icecream sector TABLE OF CONTENTS ITEM DESCRIPTION PAGE # 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 4 3. MARKET SUMMARY 5 4. MARKET OVERVIEW 5 4.1 Macroeconomic Overview 5 4.2 Industry Overview 6 5. SWOT ANALYSIS 5.1 Strengths 7 5.2 Weaknesses 7 5.3 Opportunities 8 5.4 Threats 9 6. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Table 1: Competitive analysis of lubricants market in S.A. 10 7. PRODUCT OFFERINGS 12 8. KEYS TO SUCCESS 12 9. MARKETING STRATEGY 12 10. MISSION 13 10.1 VALUES 13 1
  • Eassy
    eassy CAREER RESEARCH REPORT The career I have chosen to pursue after graduation is a Correctional Officer. Correctional Officer’s have been around for a very long time and were designed to keep major offenders off the street after they have been arrested by the Police. The offenders are put in a holding cell at a Pre Trial Centre awaiting their court date. Correctional Officers are a very important part of the Justice System because it keeps high profile criminals off the street and locked up
  • Innovation At Xerox
  • Status of Women
    Status of Women Disadvantages of being Muslim women By Radha Rastogi LUCKNOW: M R Syeda Hameed\'s report on the status of Muslim women in India, entitled \'\'Voice of the Voiceless\'\', is a bold initiative, documentating in no uncertain terms the double disadvantage of being women and Muslim in India. As member of the National Commission for Women, Dr Hameed conducted public hearings from Kerala to Kashmir, Calcutta to Surat. Everywhere, it was the same story, as women spoke of community objec