Mind Trip Essay

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Mind Trip

Trinitron Solutions, Inc. is committed to serving the consumers in various ways. Our main
goal is to provide technical support to computer and electronics owners. In order for us
to be certified to support these products, we need to create contracts with various
manufacturers of computers, hardware, electronics, software, and various other products.
We are currently in negotiations with these companies, and things are looking positive.
The main source of our revenue will come from the money we receive by companies to
maintain the contracts to support their products. From the manufacturers standpoint,
servicing their own products as opposed to outsourcing to companies like Trinitron is cost
effective and therefore, we should have no problems in securing a revenue stream. The
consumers who purchase products from these manufacturers, called end users, will interact
with us through telephone, online forums and email. In the case of significant
profitability, we have various ways in which we will improve upon our operations. As you
can see, there is absolutely no reason that Trinitron Solutions should not receive a
significant investment.Board of Directors: Chosen by the stockholders to oversee executive

CEO: Oversees the company's daily operations and strategic planning.
COO: Runs the company on a day to day basis and reports to the CEO.
CFO: Responsible for accounting, payroll, SEC compliance, and financial management.
CTO: Responsible for capital assets such as computers, telephones, and future infrastructure planning.
Quality Control Manager: makes sure that everyone and everything functions properly.
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