Ming tombs Essay

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ming tombs

A "hideous screech and noise" poured from the open windows of the meetinghouse. Inside,
the young accusers who said they had been bewitched by their neighbors twisted their
bodies and cried in pain. Frail and weak, Rebecca Nurse, the most unlikely to be in league
with the devil, stood to be questioned.

From the moment on that cold January day when the specter of a coffin appeared during a
childish game, Salem Village convulsed with fear, finger pointing and suspicion, and the
normal hierarchy of Puritan life was turned upside down. In an age when children were seen
and not heard, the "afflicted girls" behaved outrageously "by getting into holes, and
creeping under chairs and stools," their bodies contorted into "odd postures and antic
gestures." Seventeen-year-old Mary Wolcott, in the presence of a visiting minister, ran
into the room crying "Whish! Whish! Whish!" and pulled burning logs from the great
fireplace, tossing them about the room. During an anti-witch sermon, Abigail Williams
taunted the minister and shouted, "Now stand up and name your text!" In reply to the
minister's answer, Abigail mocked, "It is a long one."

As the trials began, Sarah Good, Tituba and Sarah Osborne the first to be accused of
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