Minorities With Ethical Problems

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Minorities with ethical problems

Companies are faced with ethical discrimation. Hiring an employee has always

been a major thing for the company, givin them a choice to choose two different people

with the same qualifications always makes it hard of the company to choose the person

that they feel is right for them. Companies are always face with providing quality and

custemer service for the consumer. They must provide equal employement opportunities

to job finders. Companies often break that equality between people and go with what

they feel is right and better.

An example of discrimination would be television networks. The four major

broadcast networks are beefing up their minority of hiring initiatives in response to harsh

criticism and treats from the national association for the advancement of colorded

people. Normative ethics is being used because many questions are being raised if its

right or wrong. For instance the roles of colored people on television or in the theater

have not used a large number of colored people in leading roles. The questio

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