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By: Stephen King

1. Sidewinder Colorado- Paul Sheldon, a novelist that has been writing a series about a
character named Misery Chastain. Got in a car wreck on the icy streets in sidewinder. He
got in the accident from being drunk because of the celebration he had after completing
the series. Paul shatters both of his legs, dislocates his pelvis and crushes one of his
knees. There he rolls off the side of the road and is knocked un-conscious. This is very
important to the character because this makes him very vulnerable to his “number one
fan” Anne Wilkes who holds him in her house and won’t let him go. The event
starts the conflict of the story.

2. Farmhouse- In the secluded, snowy forest Paul Sheldon wakes up in a house after
receiving CPR. Anne Wilkes is an ex-nurse with all kinds of medicines and painkillers that
she gives to Paul for his legs. She is crazy and gives him pills with soapy water out of a
wash bucket. Anne is helping Paul so he can write her novels about the ended series of
misery. She obviously didn’t want it to end. This is important because Anne Wilkes
is saving Paul’s life but won’t let him

go. So this is a major problem he has to face in the story. He needs to escape and
get to a real hospital or anywhere else but there.

3. Outside- This is outside the house where Anne goes everyday to do her daily chores
which are to feed the animals and do lawn work. This is important for Paul because when
she is gone he can think about how to get out and what he can do to save himself. It is
also easier for him to rest or sleep without worrying about what she might do to him in
his sleep.

4. Paul’s bed- Paul cannot move his legs or waist with ought feeling excruciating
pain. So he has to lay in the bad for about three or four months before he can actually
try to escape. This is a very important place because if he did not stay in bed so long to
heal, then he couldn’t have time to think of his escape. Also Paul wouldn’t be
able to leave the house with all of his injuries.

5. The attempt for an escape- this is one of the best parts of the story because this is
where Paul tries to leave the house for the first time. When Anne leaves to go shopping in
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