Miss massey Essay

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Miss massey

Miss Massey

In the British short story from 1992 we hear about Miss Massey a homeless woman who lives
at the Underground station. Tony, a gay man working there helps her from time to time.
Even though he might loose his job. It is Christmas Eve so he decides to bring her home
with him. Tony lives with his boyfriend Jaz. Jaz has a lot of problems with his family. Or
they have a lot of problems with him being gay. They froze him out of the family when they
found out. It is very hard for him. They do not even call him on Christmas Eve.
Tony’s family are okay with it and that only makes it harder for Jaz to accept. He
makes up a story about his niece being sick, and he takes of with the excuse that he has
to spend some time over there. Tony and Miss Massey are left back not knowing what to do
or where to go. Miss Massey gets ill that day and needs to see a doctor. Tony now knows
that she has to stay with them or she’ll die. She tells him a story about the
station and Tony realises where Jaz are. He goes to him and talks Jaz into going home with
him. He is ready to give him all of his love.

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