Mob turncoat put hit on himself Essay

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Mob turncoat put hit on himself

Mob turncoat put hit on himself
By; Patricia Hurtado

Michael DiLeonardo, a high ranking Gambino crime family member testified for the
government of his son's refusal to join him in protective custody. DiLeonardo, a former
capo, attempted to end his life after he had to testify against close friends, including
John A. Gotti, son of John J. Gotti.

DiLeonardo was the star witness against Peter Gotti, who was on trial with the U.S.
District court in Manhattan and was charged with running the Gambino crime family. Peter
Gotti was also charged with conspiring to kill Sammy "the bull". As a result of his
cooperation, DiLeonardo was disenfranchised and no longer a capo. According to DiLeonardo,
"they broke my heart . . ." DiLeonardo had been born into the mob, with his grandfather
being one of the city's first mobsters. DiLeonardo's own mafia career began when he was
introduced into the family on Christmas Eve of 1988, along with John J. Gotti, who became
a good friend.

After Peter Gotti falsely accused him of stealing, however, DiLeonardo decided to meet
with prosecutors. In order to hide his cooperation, DiLeonardo was given a compassionate
release, purportedly to visit his dying mother. Ten days into his furlong, DiLeonardo
decided "[he] wanted to die a good soldier". With this in mind, he walked upstairs and
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