Most efficient path to the customer Essay

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Most efficient path to the customer
Our organizational structure promotes a direct relationship with customers. There are no
middlemen or resellers - we provide maximum value to the customer by delivering the right
products with the right features and functions just when they're needed.

Through continuous direct feedback, we develop an intimate understanding of what each
customer expects to accomplish. We focus on customer needs in order to package and
integrate products and services into a total solution.

This direct relationship provides us with quick and accurate customer feedback that we can
channel into our engineering organizations, enabling us to prepare to provide the best
solution for each customer tomorrow as well as today.

IOW: Dell's unique model is a streamlined approach working directly with customers in
product and service fufillment, cutting out the middlemen and passing the benefits on to
the customer.

Single point of accountability
Unique, complex customer needs are met with the simplest solutions directed through a
single point of accountability. Dedicated account teams understand customer needs and
marshal the right resources to achieve customer goals through a singular Dell solution and
single point of accountability.

An Account Team committed to an intimate understanding of each customer's industry,
business, challenges and opportunities, packages the best solution for that customer. This
includes hardware and software solutions as well as consulting, training, warranty,
deployment, technical support and financial services.

A single point of accountability guarantees that a customer's experience with Dell will be
a positive one, regardless of the complexity of their needs.

IOW: Having a single account representative means the customer gets all of Dell's
resources without having to talk to each department at Dell.

Build to order
Every Dell computer system is built to customer specifications. From configuration to
delivery, customers get the solutions they want when they want; customized and suited to
their purposes.

Dell engineers design and build systems, integrating software and peripherals in the
factory for ease of deployment. All systems are tested before shipping to ensure high
quality products with low failure rates. IT staff productivity is enhanced through ease of
deployment with flexible service and support.

IOW: We allow the customer to custom-order their systems and solutions instead of
requiring them to choose from re-seller inventory items, thereby enhancing the customer
experience and keeping costs low.

Low cost leader
Our highly efficient manufacturing operation delivers products and services customers need
at the prices they want. Build to order keeps inventory low, cost savings high and allows
delivery of the latest technology for a superior overall value.

Managing our supply chain efficiently makes us the only Tier 1 supplier with operating
expenses less than 10 percent of our revenue. Our passion for business process improvement
empowers all employees to improve the customer experience and reduce costs across the

IOW: Dell's operational efficiencies pass on the savings to the customer and allow Dell to
be the low cost leader in technology solutions

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