Motivation of Mortimer Essay

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Motivation of Mortimer

This report is on a project undertaken to help an older gentleman named Mortimer who is
seventy-seven years old. This project is intended to get Mortimer to develop a different
behavior than what he has been displaying in recent times. He recalls his life story in
the following way. As a young man, Mortimer enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corp. He was
stationed in Australia and met his beautiful bride, Rosie. They have six great children,
now in their forties and fifties. Mortimer worked for an advertising agency after he got
out of the service. He was in very good physical shape. Tennis and track were his two
sports of choice. As a matter of fact, Mortimer was a runner in the 1956 Olympics. At
the age of thirty-eight, Mortimer became very ill and was left totally disabled for the
rest of his life. However, he was determined to overcome many obstacles that may have
otherwise interfered with him living a normal life.

Mortimer set some goals that he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to
utilize the knowledge that he had from working at the advertising agency.
Getting a Bachelors Degree in Journalism was his first goal. Secondly, he wanted to write
short stories and books. His third goal was to be independent and do some freelance work
in journalism. Mortimer obtained these goals by writing many newspaper columns, short
stories, and books. This is how he earned his living. He was very successful in the
Journalism field. He still has one book that he has started, but never finished.

Relationship Between Project and Motivation Theory
Knowing that motivation is something internal and that people have different things that
motivate them, we will describe the relationship between our project and Motivation
Theory. Motivation is a feeling that comes from within that drives us forward towards a
goal-oriented behavior. We believe that changing Mortimer's environment will enable him
to reach within himself to become motivated once again. Motivation explains why people
behave as they do. Motivation determines behavior and thus said all behavior is

Furthermore, human instincts are more flexible and more open to learning experiences than
those of other species no matter what a person's physical age. An example of instinctual
behavior is that all ants build anthills in the same way, even when they are not raised
together, this actually means that the anthill building behavior is instinctual, and not a
learned response. Even though we might not know what to do, it is instinctual. However,
instincts only describe behavior, they do not explain why a person engages in that
particular behavior.

Mortimer's behavior also stems from his prolonged illness. Mortimer's instinct now is that
he cannot do anything useful since he has experienced a long-term illness and is fighting
the most basic of human instincts, to live. He has found it easier to do what has become
natural to him throughout his illness. We know that Mortimer was at one time driven to
accomplish many goals that he set for himself. With the motivation theory mentioned
above, it is our intention to get Mortimer to set goals that will increase his motivation
level. With new life goals set for Mortimer to help bring forth his motivation from
within that he displayed as a younger man.

The Problem
Within the past year, Mortimer has basically lost his will to live. Mortimer has
fallen into a severe depression. The physical problems include, weakness, difficulty
walking, standing and eating. His desire to get out of bed everyday is decreasing as each
day passes. It is difficult to offer a conversation with him, because he only speaks when
spoken to. For example, his wife Rosie tries to talk to him but he barely responds and
won't engage in a conversation. Dressing him is also difficult because he rather not make
the effort. To him there is no since of getting out of bed and getting dressed. The
depression that Mortimer is in has totally left him unmotivated and he has given up on
life. This has had a devastating effect of his family and everyone close to him. Rosie
has done everything a person could possibly do for someone in this position.

Rosie attends to his daily needs. She tries to get him interested in things she knows he
likes. She tries to get Mortimer up each morning, dressed, and motivated enough to go on a
daily walk with her. Their children and grandchildren visit as much as possible, although
some live out-of-town and don't get to visit as often as they'd like. They would all like
to see Mortimer get his old spirit back and they would like to see Rosie get a break from
the daily grind of caring for someone who lacks the motivation and desire to live. It is
both physically and emotionally draining for Rosie. Rosie and the rest of the family
wonder how they can help Mortimer to motivate himself, so that he realizes that there is
still meaning to his life.

The Current Situation
Rosie and Mortimer have been married for fifty-eight years. Until approximately one year
ago, Mortimer had lived a full life. Rosie continues to take care of his daily needs,
however, in the past year, she has seen Mortimer slowly failing. Rosie acknowledges the
fact that Mortimer is failing and does not like seeing him with no motivation to go on.
She says Mortimer has told her that he feels like his life is coming to an end. It is
likely that Mortimer is in a state of depression that may be treated with professional

The goal is to help motivate Mortimer to live the rest of his days to fullest.
This includes, helping him become involved with his family again, caring about himself,
not focusing on the hopelessness of his current situation and renew his appreciation for
living. In order to achieve the goal, his physiological needs that include, food,
shelter, clothing and other basics, will have to become important to him again. He must
be reminded that he is in a safe and loving environment. His social contact with family
and close friends must also become something that he values. Restoring his ego through
recognition of any positive efforts he makes is a key ingredient. Everyone must help him
remember that he has talents, gifts and potential regardless of how much time he has left
to live. The road to achievement starts with a goal. Mortimer must take small steps each
day in order to achieve the motivation he needs to live a full life with the time he has

Action Steps
In order to achieve our stated goals and to help Mortimer understand that the behavior he
has developed is not normal or healthy we are going to have a meeting with him and talk
about options. The first order of business is to get Mortimer to a trained professional to
have him evaluated for clinical depression. At the time of the evaluation we will ask the
professional doing the evaluation on Mortimer their opinion of this plan. Rosie's
involvement with Mortimer needs to be curtailed in order to help change the environment in
which Mortimer is living. As we stated earlier Mortimer has found it easier to do what
has become natural to him throughout his illness and we believe that reducing his
dependence upon Rosie will change his environment. With the help of a home health care
professional they are going to help Mortimer with his basic physical needs and help Rosie
with not doing everything for Mortimer. The home health care professional will have a
background in psychology and physical therapy to help facilitate the change in the
environment. Establishing a daily routine can help Mortimer care about these basic needs
again. The nurse will also help reinforce his need for safety. The professional
instruction can help him safely stand and walk again. Hopefully this will lead to more
self-confidence. The most important part of this process will be the role his family and
friends play. Having more interaction with as many different members of his family as
possible should be helpful. There are soon to be new additions to the family. They must
continuously remind him that he will soon be a grandfather and great grandfather. He
needs to know how important this is to him, the new infants and the rest of the family.
Anything he does positive in one of these areas must be rewarded. Rewarding even the
smallest achievements such as getting dressed may help rebuild his ego.

He is a man of many talents. Mortimer was a track in field athlete in the 1956 Olympics.
They should remind him of those achievements and show an interest in learning more about
them. Writing is one of his passions and is how he made his living. It is important that
they help him feel that passion again. One way to do this is to buy him a lab top
computer so he can write again. This may help him become interested in writing. He may
even finish a novel he has been working on for years. Setting the goal is only the

There are many steps to accomplish this goal. Each step will help Mortimer find the
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