Movie critique,glory Essay

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movie critique,glory

War, Training& Incentives To Fight

"Glory" depicts a period in the American Civil War emphasizing on the war modus operandi
and troop movement techniques. The film focuses on the first real African-American
regiment, 54th of Massachusetts, and the way these soldiers are trained and prepared to
fight. Even though they acquire a new status as soon as they enlist for battle, they still
face prejudices and are discriminated against by the white men. They're not trusted to be
able to fight with the same ardor and patriotism as the others and this puts them on a
lower and inferior rank. Surprisingly enough, things change by the end of the movie, when
Massachusetts 54 is engaged in battle and proves the efficiency and the courage of the
black men who succeed in making a difference by changing the course of the war. Even
though they were not victorious in the battle, they managed to show the world their value,
and they brought an important victory for the entire mass of black people against the
prejudices and misjudgments of their white neighbors.

Why do people fight? What do they gain from fighting? Once the slaves are liberated, they
go and enlist en masse. This is surprising because one would tend to believe they would
never look for other masters or commanders. That makes them special. They want to fight
for the North in the American Civil War feeling that this will give "pride and dignity to
those who have known only degradation." The black people, who enlist in the 54th regiment
want to step out from the crowd, want to make a difference and attach a goal to their
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