Mozarts Life ( Brief Summary) Essay

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Mozarts Life ( Brief Summary)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is often referred to as the greatest musical genius of all time in
Western musical tradition. His creative method was extraordinary: his writings show that
he almost always wrote a complete composition mentally before finally writing it on paper.
Mozart created 600 works in his short life of 35 years. His works included 16 operas, 41
symphonies, 27 piano concerti, and 5 violin concerti, 25 string quartets, and 19 masses.

Mozart was born on Jan. 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria. His father was Leopold Mozart, a
composer and a popular violinist. Mozart received his early musical training from his
father. At the early age of 3 Mozart showed signs of being a musical genius. Then, at the
age of five Mozart started composing. Beginning in 1762 Mozart's father took young Mozart
and his older sister, Maria Anna, on tours in Europe where they played the piano,
harpsichord, violin, and organ, together and separately. Mozart learned to play the piano,
harpsichord, and violin from his father. He gave public concerts and played at numerous
courts and received several commissions.

As an adult Mozart his career was not as successful as when he was younger. But he kept on
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