Muckraking Essay

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The focus of my paper will be on Ray Stannard Baker's "The Right to Work." After reading
the book, I now understand why Theodore Roosevelt disliked this sort of journalism,
perhaps because it was honest and straight to the point, unlike politicians. Muckraking
was a form of journalism that hid absolutely nothing. These reporters did not believe in
concealment of any kind, whether information or names. Their investigative reporting bore
all to the public, which was the truth. The public did have a right to know what
corruption and

chaos was occuring around them, thus making muckraking loved.

Baker wrote as he pleased while investigating and reporting "The Right to Work." Was Baker
antilabor? Was he for or against the mine workers? After reading his passage, I have come
to the conclusion that Baker was unbiased, which was definitely an advantage for

writers. He only reported the unfortunate tales behind the strikes and the workers who would not strike alongside them.

Baker wrote as if he had chosen a side, but after reading it, one is easily confused about
which side it is. He revealed all the incidents that occurred to the workers during the
strikes, how they were tortured and some killed, but he sounded like he had no contempt.

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