Music Today : Just a Bunch of Garbage?

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Music Today : Just a Bunch of Garbage?

It's 4:00 pm and you just got home from school. You turn on the radio only to hear some
media generated stuff banded together by some lame drum beats. This is unfortunetly, the
music of today.

Along with pop music and boy bands, alternative and rock music has , essentially gone to
the pits. There's truly no other way to put it. The media has been spoonfeeding us
talentless garbage and sell out's for years but it is only now manifesting it's intensity
on MTV and the radio. Sure, pop music and boy bands "make" great music to dance to, but
there's no talent there. Indoctrinating girls as young as eight years old, bands like
NSYNC and the Backstreet boys have already started to mold the minds of the little people.
This truly scares me ; the fact that such media generated crap is molding the very minds
of people so vulnerable and so young is sick.

Then there's the heavy metal. Most of it, at least now, is just power cords, one after
another, and screaming uncomprehensible words and obsenities into a microphone. There is
hope, though. Artists like shock rocker Marilyn Manson and Incubus inspire people to start
thinking. You may not agree with what they are saying or writing , but at least they are
getting you to think.
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  • Short story
    short story “Bzzzzzzzzz!!!” the alarm rang. Small dirty hands hit the off switch and got out of bed. The scrawny boy walked over to the window in his old spider-man pajamas and looked outside. Everything was white as far as the eyes could see. The ground was covered with a silky smooth blanket of fresh new snow, which concealed the old brown sheet from the week before. By the driveway the top of an “open house” peered out from the snow. After changing, the little child proceeded down the brown c
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