Mussolini Paper

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Benito Mussolini

Like his father, Benito became a burning socialist.

Mussolini had huge goals of running a political machine based on his own beliefs. Born in
the poverty-stricken village of Romagna, Italy, he was wild, nomadic, and defiant as a
young adult lived the life of a bum. Showing fierce aggression at such a young age, he was
expelled from two schools for knife-assaults on other students. His father a village
blacksmith and his mother a schoolmistress, he lived life in poverty that seemed
inscapable. By moving from Italy to Austria he devoted himself to the battle for human and
economic freedom. Mussolini had become an impassioned Socialist.

He had been appointed secretary to the Socialists of the Chamber of Labor in Trent,
Austria. He also headed a weekly newspaper that was a major Socialist channel in Trent.
Practicing journalism, in which he had always thought as his first passion. This gave
Mussolini an opportuninty to establish a name in the Socialist Party and with the people
in general. He wrote articles that would get the people's blood racing on church issues.
One thing Benito Mussolini was not afraid of was the rage of other men. For these articles
he spent time in prison and was then deported back to Italy.

In Italy he persisted and gave public speeches, the people loved his ideas. He became one
of Italy's most intelligent and menacing young Socialist. In November 1914 he published,
Il Popolo d'Italia, and the prowar group Fasci d'Azione Rivoluzionaria. Mussolini's
lifeblood went into Il Popolo d'Italia. Benito Mussolini became a national force; groups
supporting intervention in the war sprang up everywhere. His expectations for the war, was
the collapse of society that would bring him to power. His socialist comrades were enraged
by his article committing Socialist support to Italy's entry into the World War. Just
years earlier he had been protesting Italy's entry in war. Called up for military service,
he was wounded and returned in 1917.

In 1919 he founded the facist di combattimento, which in 1921 became the Italian Facist
party. With facist party backing and Mussolini's own tactics he rose to power between 1919
and 1922. Mussolini entered parliament in 1921 as a right-wing member. The Fascisti formed
armed squads to boss around Mussolini's former Socialist colleagues. The Italian
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