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My Brother Sam Is Dead

My Brother Sam is Dead Author: by James

Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier Category: Historical

Fiction Summary: It starts out in the 1770's during the

Revolution War and Samuel Meeker or Sam for short just

interred the room of the tavern and he chimes in to

everybody who is waiting to eat, he comes in saying where

beating the Lobster Backs. His father, Eliphalet Meeker but

called Life for short, starts arguing with son. After a while

they calmed down and change the subject. Finally Tim

Meeker or sometimes called Timmy, the narrator and one of

the main two character's of the story in the story goes out to

the barn to milk the cow Old Pru. Witches are one of his

daily chores and ask Sam to join him. While Tim is milking

Old Pru he's talking to Sam about how has he been lately

and what is he doing back at home. And Sam tells him truth

why he is back at home, and it's to get the Brown Bess.

Which is the family's gun and Tim swears that he can't tell

Mom or Dad. Well in the morning when Sam try's to get the

Brown Bess his father catches him and they get big fight

whether he's going to fight the British or not and finally his

dad throws him out the house. While the Meeker's are at

Church, Sam goo's back to the Tavern, where his family

lives and work's and he stills the Brown Bess. Well later on

the Rebel's or the patriot's or now called the American's.

Went threw the town of Redding. Which is where the

Meeker's live. They where going door to door. Taking

peoples guns and goods. When they came to the Tavern

they where demanding for there gun. They wouldn't believe

that there son stole it and took it with him to the Rebel's

camp and they wouldn't believe him cause it was Tori

territory and that they where threatening to kill Life if they

didn't give them there gun. Then Tim ran out the door and he

ran to go get Colonel Read. Since he knew that Sam was a

Rebel and colonel read was a colonel for the Rebel's, but

when he got to where he was he saw Sam with the Gun

sleeping with it. Then he snatched it and started running back

to his house and when he was half way there Sam woken up

and was yelling him to stop but he wouldn't stop, but since

Sam was older and bigger he caught Tim right as they reach

the town of Redding. Then Tim had to explain what had

happen and Sam didn't want to go back but he went with

Tim just in case. When they got back his dad was all right

just beaten up a little bit. Sam ran out there like a bad out

hell and when he was far enough from Tim and his Dad. he

looked at them from top of Rock and waved and left. later

on the seasons pass by and in the Winter Tim and his Dad

have to go down to Verplanks to exchange cattle for money

and goods. when they where half way there they run into

some Cowboys ,(Cattle thieves) and they say there Rebel's

and notice that Life is trying to sell Beef to the Tori's. so they

threaten to kill Life and his son, and also take their goods.

well there luck comes in and some Escort's come along and

scared off the cowboys and the cowboys very where pissed.

While they get up to Verplanks, which is by Hudson River,

Life makes his trades. On there way back Life is very

catious about the Cowboys, but on way there it starts to

snow, and it makes it hard for them and it takes them and

extra day. next day Life is on the horse and he and Tim

leave. about every five minutes or so he goo's up and down

to check to see if there's cowboys coming. after a while Tim

notices that it's been a long time since his dad came back so

Tim gets to worry. so finally he gets going again and starts

thinking what is he going to do if the cowboys come up to

him with out an escort or his father with him to protect him.

Finally when he's coming along he sees the Cowboy's. he

out smarts them by acting like he thinks their escorts and

asking questions to throw them off. while the Cowboy's are

trying to play along and he starts acting like he has no food

and ask if they got some and says he needs some goods.

then the cowboys get pissed off cause they don't know if the

boy is pulling there chain or that he really has no goods.

some are thinking its not worth it and some are saying come

on lets take this punk well after them all arguing for a long

time. they start haring dogs barking and they think it's the

escorts. So they leave the boy there. when there finally gone

Tim is so happy that he out smarted the cowboys and was

thinking Sam would be proud of him. Then he gets back on

the wagon and heads home. When he gets home he tells his

mother what happen to his father and that he's been

kidnapped and probably taken to prison and its down to

Susanah and Tim to run the Tavern and do all chores. Later

they find out that Life dies from being sick in the prison ships

and him and fifty others died from the common Flu. After

that the lobster Backs come threw the town of Redding and

nobody knows what there doing. Then later they knock

down the door of a Rebel's house and take all Rebel's that

where hiding in there and they take them away. While

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