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My Brother Sam Is Dead

In the novel, My Brother Sam is Dead, the author demonstrates the effects of war on
families, on towns, and even on the children. The author makes it clear that war tears up
families more than anything else. As a result of families getting ruined, it affects the
children of the family, in this case, by making Tim grow up in a short amount of time. War
affects towns, too. Soldiers, some from both sides, raid houses and kill people therefore
splitting up towns and communities. War has many bad effects, just like Tim's father said:
"In war the dead pay the debts of the living.".

War affects families more than anything else. An example of this is when Tim's mother
drinks rum a lot when she finds out that her husband and son are dead or are going to get
killed. Once she starts to drink, she does not care about Tim or Sam. So in this case, war
caused her to drink and it killed half of her family, both of which ruined the Meeker
family. One of war's worst by-products is ruining families. Even though war affects
families the most, there are still other bad effects on children and on towns.

The second bad by-product of war is the effect on children. First, war sometimes kills
children's parents or older siblings, throwing their responsibility on to the younger
children's shoulders. The children will never have a normal life of playing with others
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