My life Compare and Constrast Essay

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my life

My life is like a box of chocolates You never know what u gonna gat. Well its like this.
This paper writing crap sucks because all we want is a free paer not to be given such a
hassle because our papers arent really free their a waste of time because its crap thanx
for the paper and I hope that you give me this stupid paper for my phsycology class soon I
wanna go on vacation. our friends say were crazy cause I need a girlto blah blah blah I
need a girl to scratch my ass I need a girl whos mine all mine I need a girl in my life.
My baby needs to stop watching porn at noght playing with herself.

i love janeen and I want to Marry her forevr and have Lots of seeds to take care of us
when we gety all wrinkled and old. You know as they say If they want it coward get it they
still wonder how i did how ya with it these suckers see how i spit it. Well if u think its
you then leave it alone because.

This isnt 250 words yet dammit we need this paper soon so hurry up asshole. oh my god
please let me get this paper so I can watch my basketall game.

Paul mary jane peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chipswell let me go to the bathroom
and take a bath. Well then I hope this is 250 words so that I can get this ove r with. My
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