My Pet

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My Pet

My pets name is Felicia. She is Collie (rough and smooth). She is brown and black with a
little bit of white on her neck. Collies origin of breed is Scotland, but you can find
them in North America also. The first Collie breed was called the Scottish Collie. Collies
have long hair, and their so intelligent that they are trained to help blind people, star
in movies, to be a guard dog, and be a rescue dog.

The Collie is sensitive, sweet, kind, and playful. That's why they make good pets for
little children. Also if someone tries hurting the dogs owner or someone it knows then the
Collie is known to attack the person. If you bring them outside then they get very
energetic. A Collie will go 2,000 miles to reach its loved ones.

The average height of a male Collie is (24-26 inches). The average height of female Collie
is(22-24 inches). That's from their nose to the tip of their tail. The average weight of a
male Collie is( 60-75 lbs). The average weight of a female Collie is(50-65 lbs).

The life expectance is about 14 to 16 years. The health problems that a Collie can get in
between those years is eye defects and hip problems which may lead to arthritis. The tip
of their noses are sensitive to the sun. The Collie is a very popular dog breed resulting
in sales of many animals of poor health.

Grooming a Collie is very simple. You should have a thorough weekly brushing plan. Bathe
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