My trip to the Dominican Republic Essay

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My trip to the Dominican Republic

My trip to the Dominica n Republic

I was to leave to the Dominican Republic at 10p.m. on a Thursday night. My flight was with
Tower Air and it was leaving John F. Kennedy airport. I had to be there three hours before
departure and I was I was there at 7p.m. It felt like they longest wait of my life. At
9:30p.m,they announced that we would not be leaving on time because the plane had
technical difficulties. Our flight would now leave at 12p.m. I couldnít believe this was
happening to me. It was a nightmare. They had already changed my flight like five times
before. I was leaving one day, then I was leaving the next and so on. Then they wait for
the last minute and the food shop had closed, so there is about a good 200 or so people
without food and all upset cursing up a storm. To top it all off, half of the people there
were teenagers going to the Dominican Republic to play baseball. Can you imagine? A
hundred something kids hungry and sleepy screaming their lungs out.

However, the nightmare wasnít over. They got us on the plane at about 2a.m because the
plane wasnít ready. I couldnít get on the plane because I kept buzzing when I passed the
medal detectors, so that took another 20 minutes. Then we are on the plane and the plane
isnít moving, and we are waiting and waiting and no explanation. After a while the plane
begins to move. It when around the run way and then they tell us we must get of the plane.
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