My Trip To Wildwood, New Jersey Essay

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My Trip To Wildwood, New Jersey

One of the best vacation spots and most fun are down the shore in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Wildwood consists of a boardwalk with tons of rides and fun, a beach with a beautiful
ocean, and little summerhouses with ocean-side views. The best attractions though would
probably be located on the boardwalk. There are so many things to see and do. Although
it's rather costly, it's well worth it and it's a great place for a family to share
quality time together.

The boardwalk is consisted of shops, arcades, and piers of rides. On the boardwalk, you
will find adults, teenagers, kids, and even babies trying to have a good time. Also, there
are shops located all over the place. Tattoo/piercing parlors, fast food places, curly
fry' booths, ice cream sellers, and even a mall filled with all types of shops. If you're
not into shopping, there are arcades located after every few shops. You can win prizes,
spend your money, and get addicted real quickly. Although most people usually walk around,
you can also ride the tramcar. The tramcar is a long yellow ride that takes people around
the whole boardwalk (which by the way is two miles long!) for a few dollars. Usually, the
tramcar can be heard by it's famous saying, "Watch the tramcar please." Other then shops
and arcades; there are piers full of rides. On each pier their are rides basically for all
ages and older people. There are roller coasters with and without loops, log flumes,
haunted houses, carousels, mini golf courses, and even bungee jumping. For each pier you
can either buy tickets which are pretty expensive, or a bracelet that will let you ride
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