My Tuesdays with Morrie7 Essay

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My Tuesdays with Morrie7

Journal 21

“ I felt the seeds of death inside his shriveling frame, and as I laid him in his
chair, adjusting his head on the pillow, I had the coldest realization that our time was
running out.”(Pg. 59) That is what Mitch Albom, a journal writer for the Detroit
Free Press, said as he lifted his old college teacher from his wheelchair to his recliner.
His old college teacher was Morrie Schwartz, a man that is dying from ALS otherwise known
as Lou Gehrig disease. As the book goes on, Morrie reaches out to people who want to talk
and he teaches them about the real lessons of life, while he is lying on his deathbed.

Mitch Albom is flipping through his TV stations one night and he heard these words come
from his TV set- “Who is Morrie Schwartz?”- and Mitch went numb. Mitch found
out through the TV show Nightline that his life long friend and teacher was dying and
Mitch knew that he had to go and see him. Mitch went to see his old college professor and
what started out as a one-day meeting turned out to be a four-month “class”.

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