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native son

Final Report
The book Native Son by Richard Wright is about an African American man growing up in the
south. The main character Bigger Thomas often finds himself in trouble throughout his
life from the beginning to the end. The author uses his views and thoughts through Bigger
about American society. Bigger worked for a rich man named Mr. Dalton and had
“accidentally” murdered his daughter Mary. As a result of that a domino
effect of misfortune began to happen. Bigger was later arrested and put on trial because
of his actions I felt like I was watching a man sinking through quicksand and with every
movement or attempt to free himself making the situation worst. He only murder because
fear of getting caught in her room, a white woman’s room. Mary was drunk and the
Dalton’s would have thought Bigger was trying rape her or something. It was very
distressing that Mary had to die but Bigger was only doing what he thought at the time was

When in an apartment building Bigger overheard a conversation between two men, Jack and
Jim. They were arguing about if they had the chance to capture and turn bigger in would
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