Nature of Logic

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Nature of Logic

Billy Sandoval

Nature of Logic and Perception


Dennis Nilson, facilitator

July 31, 2005

The nature of logic and critical thinking go hand in hand. A person must use logic during
the critical thinking process. However, each person's logic may depend on his/her
perceptual process or their perceptual barriers. No person can ever fully understand their
own perceptual process in its entirety. The reason being is that no person knows all of
their perceptual barriers. Without knowing all of the barriers, how is a person able to
determine the process in which they perceive things? While a person may know or assume
some of their perceptual barriers, some of their perceptual barriers will never be
uncovered because they may not know they even exist. They may not even know that they
exist because the perceptual barrier is so strong that it will never be known to them,
that it, in fact, is a barrier at all. This alone could be a potential barrier.

Aside from not being able to identify all of a person's perceptual barriers, each
situation that comes about where a critical thinking process may be utilized can call for
a different process. For example, a person may use an entirely different perceptual
process while at their place of employment than they would in their home. Even then a
person may utilize a different process depending on the situations that occur on any given

However, the way we think can be determined by the way we were raised and the way we currently are living.
Many factors come into play that can cause perceptual barriers. Each person was brought up
with many different cultural influences. Some of these influences come from religion,
ethnic background, surroundings, and media. A person's overall upbringing and self-concept
can also be considered barriers at times. Other potential barriers are expectations and
schemata. As humans we take everything into our own perspective instinctively. Our
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