NCE Informational System Proposal Summary Essay

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NCE Informational System Proposal Summary


The following proposal summary has been prepared by the Information Technology (IT) team
describing a new information system required by our Advanced Services Network Consulting
Engineers (NCEs). The information provided has been summarized and is intended to provide
an overview of the proposed project.

Executive Summary
Within our organization we have a group of Network Consulting Engineers (NCEs) that
provide Planning, Design, Implementation, and Operational (PDIO) services to contracted
enterprise and service provider clients. On a number of recent occasions, it has come to
light that one NCE is struggling with a design or planning issue that has already been
addressed by another NCE. And in some cases, the solutions provided to our clients were
not consistent between the NCEs. It has been determined a new system is needed that will
provide an orderly and organized data repository that would be available to all NCEs. This
system needs to provide an easy method for the NCEs to access and leverage previously
defined design solutions.

This system will provide several key benefits to the NCE team:
• NCE will be able to search for data related to the solution being considered
• NCE will save time in that we will not "reinvent the wheel"
• NCE provided solutions will be more standardized
• Using the same solution repeatedly simplifies supporting our solutions
• Allows our NCEs to be able to provide backup to one another
• With standard solutions we increase the probability that we will continually improve the solution.

User Requirements
The IT team spent time interviewing and observing the NCE team using the current
information systems. The team discovered that the current systems lacked the flexibility
and access to meet the needs of the NCEs. In addition the processes to back up an
effective workflow are absent. Through this analysis the following key user requirements
were identified. These requirements were considered in the selection of the proposed
information system.

The proposed information system provides for the following:
• A flexible "form" for data entry
• A sophisticated search methodology
• Accessible via a web browser
• Simple administrative capabilities
• Capability to "revise" data base entries
• Backup and archiving capability
• Maintains statistics of hits to database records

Business Requirements
The IT team assembled and reviewed all data and documentation available on the current
processes and tools in use by the NCE team today. In doing so we discovered some specific
deficiencies that can be addressed in the proposed solution. At this time, we have neither
formal procedures nor tools for cataloging and storing NCE design solutions for future
reference. This means the NCEs are duplicating some of their efforts. This duplication of
effort is causing an increase in solution design time and support costs as well as losing
best practices information among NCEs. To mitigate these issues the following business
requirements have been designed into the proposed information system:

• A data base to store design solutions as they are completed and implemented
• The ability for the NCE to perform keyword solutions againsthe data base to
identify previously developed and implemented solutions.

• A web based application to access the database.
• Functionality that includes adding new solutions, modifying existing solutions,
collaborattion on designs in progress, and the ability to delete obsolete designs

• The system will also provides statistics and reporting capabilities to monitor database usage and performance
See Appendix A for a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

Information System Process Flow
The proposed system will be accessed via a secure web site with a login and password. As
the site is for corporate communication, the servers can reside within the network and
with external access provided through VPN, also making the site more secure. Once the NCEs
log on to the site, they will be able to enter or access design information entries and
supporting documentation. Access to the system will also be given to project managers and
higher management so they can keep abreast of the progress of various solutions based on
the information the NCEs enter into the system. Also, through the site the NCEs will have
the ability to enter specific and detailed solution architectures including the specific
hardware, connectivity, network topologies, and backbone appliances used in their
solutions. This will further enhance the database by creating a knowledge base to be
shared by other NCEs, TAC, and management. By using metatags and keywords associated to
the entry, the database can be queried for specific solutions to be brought up for
reference. As NCEs continue to enter solutions into the system, the growth of the database
will yield more information and will result in a very extensive library of solutions.
Following is a slide that depicts the business functionality of the system.

Figure 1: NCE Groupware Information System

Technical Design
System Design

The system will run in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 data base environment. This environment
will include two Dell Power Edge servers running Windows Server 2003 as the operating
system. The two servers will be clustered to allow fault tolerant redundancy and will run
in an active passive environment. The primary server will handle all database requests
from the web servers. Should it fail, the second server will be configured to recognize
the failure and switch to active mode, processing database requests until the primary
server is restored to service. The data disk storage for these servers will be housed
externally in a mirrored array that is raid configured with a hot spare drive to protect
against failure. The external storage array will be backed up incrementally nightly in the
event a reload in required. Each server will have an internal drive to house the operating
system and other system files. This drive will be mirrored by another drive to protect
against failure of a system drive.

The web servers will be configured in the same manner as the database servers. They will
contain internal mirrored system drives to protect against drive failure. This type of
configuration will provide redundancy against a server failure. Our web servers will
reside in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) and will be load balanced and scalable. The load
balancing will occur in a round robin fashion. If a server fails, the load balancer will
detect this loss of the server and drop it out of the round robin. This set up also
provides easy scalability. Should the load on the server farm become intensive, we can
simply add another server to take some of the load.

See Appendix C for a hardware list for this information system.

Network Design

The network portion of the proposed solution will consist of firewalls, routers, switches,
load balancers, and content engines (used here as reverse-caching appliances). This
combination of equipment will provide us with security, performance, and scalability. Our
database server will sit inside our internal network to protect our data from unauthorized
access. Our web servers will sit in our DMZ and will access the database server through an
internal firewall. Access to the web servers from the internet will come through an
outside or shield router and an external firewall, which is attached to a T1 data line
provided by out Internet Service Provider. Directly behind the external firewall in the
DMZ, we will place a load balancer. This device will do server load balancing (SLB) for
the web servers. The content engines will be placed behind the load balancer as well. The
load balancer will direct HTTP requests for static content to the content engines. The
content engines will serve up content directly when a request is made for an object it has
stored in cache memory. If the object requested is not in the cache engine, it will make
an HTTP request to the webservers through the load balancer. The load balancer will
receive HTTP requests for non-static content directly from the clients and will load
balance the request to the best available server. Following is a picture that depicts our
network design.

Figure 2: NCE SharePoint Network

System Software

The web services are provided by the Microsoft SharePoint Server Portal 2003 and will be
deployed as a content managed extranet application. Administration of this product is
minimal, once each database is created and the content management is handled by an overall
coordinator with each NCE a contributor to the document and knowledge base content. The
overall aesthetic of the website is highly customizable and will accept Java and
programming to give full functionality to the site. The database connectivity is handled
by ODBC to SQL and can be threaded to an active web application within the portal.

Individual or group portals can easily be created and are customizable by the NCEs. The
portal can serve as a web based file server for those who are on the road and need easy
access to a highly functional file server without traversing the corporate network.
Documents are version controlled and access is controlled via the coordinator using
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