Nectar in a Sieve Essay Essay

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Nectar in a Sieve Essay

Nectar in a Sieve is a novel that takes you on an adventure through the rapidly changing
country of India. Throughout this novel, you meet a series of characters that all relate
to each other in some way, yet are vastly different to one another. Although all of the
characters had distinctive backgrounds and appealing personalities, I found Irwaddy to be
the most interesting individual in this book. Her captivating beauty and her secretive
personality surrounded me and enthralled me to keep on reading more in the novel to
discover what would eventually happen to this character. First impressions about Irwaddy,
challenges that she faced, her concluding fate, and other factors brought me to the
conclusion that she was the most interesting character to read about.

In the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, Irwaddy left me with a strong first impression about
herself. We are first introduced to Irwaddy when her mother, Ruku, gave birth to her and
she became the first of many children. Irwaddy gave me the impression of a beautiful
infant that was delicate and gentle. She was never a trouble in her family when she was
in her youth and charmed the many who came to visit her. I believed, from the few
sections introducing this youngster, that Irwaddy was going to grow up to become
successful, happily married, and to live a life that many in India have only dreamt about.
When she became a child wife at the age of fourteen, I believed that she had met the
person who will make her blissfully happy for the rest of her life. She seemed
enthusiastic at her wedding to move on with her life and to someday have children of her
own. In a way, the first impression I got of Irwaddy, up until her wedding day, opened me
up to think about my life and if I will be as fortunate as she was.

Throughout the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, the character Irwaddy experiences several
challenges and dilemmas to which shape her future and her personality. At the age of
fourteen when she had just been wed to her husband, she experienced some trouble to
conceive a child. Her mother, Ruku, had the same troubles when she was first wed and went
to a white doctor, Kenny, to help fix the situation. Unfortunately, just as Kenny was
brought to help Irwaddy’s problem, her husband brought her back to her mother’s home and
told Ruku that he cannot stay with her any longer, for he needs a wife who can produce
children to help build a successful life and Irwaddy had not been triumphant in her
efforts. As devastated as she was, Irwaddy still kept up with her life, yet she became
sullen and stayed secretive.

For example, she would leave early in the morning for town and arrive back at her mother’s
home very late at night. Nobody knew exactly what she was doing with her life until she
arrived home very early one morning and was accidently attacked by her mother. On her
body there were bangles, a sari, and had a pocket full of rupees. Ruku and her husband
were suspicious where this money had come from, and realized shortly after that their
daughter might have turned into a prostitute. As curious as they were, they never
confronted Irwaddy on her occupation. In another section of the book, you become aware
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