Neil Armstrong

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Neil armstrong

Neil Armstrong

When Neil Armstrong was two years old he loved going to the Airport to watch the planes take off and land. He got so excited just watching. When he was five years old he pretended that he was hovering over his bed. He wanted to fly! He loved airplanes and at six years old he had his first airplane ride. He was so smart in school that they moved him from second grade into third grade because he was reading at a fifth grade level. Every airplane book he got his hands on he read. He always liked building model airplanes.
When Neil was in high school he worked in the Chemistry lab. In his basement he made a wind tunnel. And on the roof of his garage he built an observatory where he had telescopes to look at the moon and the stars. He learned so much and was so excited that he couldn't wait to fly. He worked in a pharmacy to pay for his flying lessons. When he was only sixteen years old he got his pilots license!
He graduated high school and went to Perdue University on a US Navy scholarship. He learned everything he could about planes and rockets. After college graduation he was a pilot in the Korean War. After the war he went back to Perdue to learn even more. He became a test pilot for experimental X-15 rocket planes which flew to the end of the earth's atmosphere. He didn't want to stop there, he wanted to just keep on going. So in 1962 when NASA was taking applications for astronauts he applied and was accepted.
His first mission was on Gemini 8. He and David Scott orbited the earth three times and docked with the Agena. There was a problem with the rocket rolling, but Neil Armstrong didn't get scared and they were able to stop the rolling and return to earth. He was on Gemini 11 and then on Apollo 10. Apollo 10 was launched from Cape Kennedy, orbited the moon, and came with

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