Nervous system adaptation Essay

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Nervous system adaptation

Nervous System Adaptation plays a significant role in exercise development as seen by
mental imagery, cross education, and coactivation. The body must establish and modify itís
own neural network before it can strengthen. A weight lifter can improve his workouts by
understanding the fundamentals of NSA.

The nervous system plays a large role in how a muscle develops. For example Scientists
have found that people who visualize their workouts can stimulate a significant amount of
muscle growth. Although scientists would not advise solely visualized workouts they do
stress the importance of good mental preparation to help physiological adaptation.

Another example of how the nervous system effects muscle development is in cross
education. When one injures a muscle often times the doctor will tell them to work the
opposite uninjured muscle. This action will indirectly stimulate the injured muscle.

When a novice weight lifter flexes a muscle, the opposing muscle restricts movement.
After working out for a period of time, this misfiring of the neurons will dissipate.
This phenomenon is known as coactivation. Also, in synchronization a novice weight
lifterís movements will be shaky until his or her neural network has adjusted itself.
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