Never Essay

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this paper is on nothing and everything all at once. its prolly suited more for you
philosiphor types then anyone else. if you think you read this and understood it then you
have no idea about yourself or anything else about others either. so you can read this and
take what you will from it just remember its just a paper in the big sceme of things and
doesnt really matter anyways, so just sit back take a deep breath and relaxe. cause thats
what lifes all about anyways. have fun, be safe.

well if youve read this far you really do want to get something outa this paper. the most
i as a person can give any one out of a paper is thoughts on life which is all anyone can
give anyone else. the one big thought i have on life is also my one big regret ive always
had on life, and thats usually the same with everyone. in case you havent figured it out
yet im talking about love. now i know love has perplexed us all and will drive us crazy
from time to time, but that can be a good thing. we all need a little craziness in our
lives or we ourselves would arguably go insane. but in most of my experiences with love
ive always come out on the losing end whether i made myself come out that way or it was th
other person who did this is of no consequence. it happened and that is better then never
having it happen at all.

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