New England Colonization Essay

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New England Colonization

My name is Professor Kelly Griffin and I am thirty years of age and am presently a
professor at the Harvard University in Massachusetts. I am enamored with the finer
things if life as being a professor of the first university founded in the New World can do
for you.
During the last decade of times we as Americans have seen the likes of trial and
tribulations which we as Americans had to face. We have been involved in a most
difficult war with the English for our independence which through battles and bloodshed
we were able to claim. Now we are faced with yet another difficult task of uniting this
glorious country so that we may be able to thrive for centuries to come. Recently,
members of each state in our country came together in Philadelphia to form a document
called the Constitution. There has been much debate as to whether this document is the
proper solution to forming the framework which our country will use for centuries to
come. My position on this issue is I would favor the ratification of this document for the
betterment of our society. However, I would prefer the architects of this document be
quick to include a section which will protect the rights of all people in the country and we
do not have a central government too powerful for the people of this country to control.
I feel the Constitution should be ratified by the delegates of each state because the
guidelines stated about the distribution of the government powers be separated into three
branches of government would in my opinion be able to check the power of each branch
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