New York City A Diverse Area Essay

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New York City A Diverse Area

New York City is a diverse area. It contains hundreds of different tracts with one
different from the other. I am going to be comparing Hunter's tract, which is 120 with my
tract, which is 721. After comparing these two tracts, I am going to compare them both to
the entire city of New York. The pace where I live in is Forest Hills, Queens. NYC
contains Demographic Characteristics such as total population. In all of New York, to be
exact, there are 8,008,278 people in all. Hunter's tract contains 3,965 people. In my
tract there are 5,243 people. By looking at this data, it shows that there is a larger
population in my tract.

Sex and Age in my tract is similar to Hunter's tract and NYC. In all three there are more
females than males. Tract 721 has 46% males and 54% females. Hunter's tract has 43.6%
males and 56.4% females. NYC as a whole has 47.3% males and 52.7% females. The difference
in all three is the median age. Hunter's tract is the oldest one with 51.1 years. The
second oldest one is my tract with a median age is 41.9 years. NYC has a median age of
34.2 years. I believe it is so young because, a lot of babies are being born.

Educational Attainment and Income are very important. It matters how much education you
have in order to have a good job and a higher income. Hunter's tract is more educated then
the tract where I live in. There is an enormous difference between the two. In Hunter's
tract, people with no high school diploma are only 3.4%. My tract's calculation for no
high school diploma is 17.9%. That's almost 6 times as much. With bachelors degree or
higher in my tract, there is 38.7%. In Hunter's tract it is 74.8%. That's almost double.
This shows that there are greater amounts of educated people in Hunter's tract then my
tract. NYC as a whole has almost the same percentage with no high school diploma as to
people with bachelor's degree or higher. No high school diploma is 24.7% and bachelors
degree or higher is 27.4%. This shows that there are less educated people in New York.

Income is the same as educational attainment. There is a much greater income in Hunter's
tract than in my tract. The median household income in tract 721 is $33,402. In Hunter's
tract it is $115,430. That's three and a half times as much. The median family income in
my tract is $39,899. Hunter's tract makes $200,000 plus. That's more than 5 times as much
as my county makes. This is one of the reasons why everything in Manhattan is so

Having a vehicle is very important to some people. But in Hunter's tract, even though
people make much more money than in my tract, they own fewer vehicles or even none. This
is because; it is more convenient to take the subway. Taking a subway is time sufficient
and gives you less stress because; you don't have to worry about being stuck in traffic.
More than 50% in NYC have no vehicles. The least percentage of population, which has no
vehicles, is tract 721. This is because there are less severe traffic conditions in Queens
than in Manhattan. With thousands of cab drivers in the city, it's havoc driving there.

In New York a lot of people are unemployed. In all of NY, there is 5.5% unemployed. Tract
120 contains 5.9% and my tract contains 4.5%. My tract contains the least amount
unemployed because, a lot of stores opened up in that area which need employees. Commuting
to work is also very important because that's how people get to work. A large percentage
of people use public transportation because it's convenient as I have explained earlier.
In the whole NYC, the time, which is taken to get to work, is approximately 40 minutes. In
my county it's about 46.3 minutes. Hunter's tract is the least one with 25.7 minutes. This
is so because all the jobs are located around that area. So it takes less time traveling
for people living in that area then in my tract.

Gross Rent and Housing Characteristics varies in all three areas. The median amount paid
in all of the NYC is about $705. This is pretty good comparing the rent in Tract 120,
which is $1,667 in median dollars. This is because the amount made in the city is more
than the amount in Queens, which is $719. NYC as a whole contains 3,021,588 housing units
in all. Only a small percentage is in my tract and Hunter's tract. My tract contains
2,326. Hunter's tract contains 2,149. By looking at this data I could see that tract 120
is almost the same as tract 721.

Selected Characteristics such as "no telephone in unit" isn't as high in NYC. My tract's
percentage for no telephone in unit is 0.0%. Hunter's tract is 0.4%. NYC as a whole is
only 2.6%. That isn't so bad considering NYC has over 8 million people. Lacking complete
plumbing facilities is even lower for NYC as a whole. It's only1.3%. Hunter's tract is the
lowest with 0.0%. My tract is pretty high with 1.4%. Since we only have about five
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