Newbury street Essay

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newbury street

Newbury Street

If you are in the Downtown of Boston, you will be able to see some interesting places, one
of which is Newbury Street. It is a funky and luxurious shopping street that is located
between Commonwealth and Boylston Streets. Not only is it well known to Boston residents,
but it is also known widely to people in other states and countries. Newbury Street
consists of three interesting factors such as its history, the very well known Armani
Café, and the Brick & Mortar business.

If Fifth Avenue represents New York, Newbury Street symbolizes Boston for the greatest
shopping street. Regarding its history, Newbury Street was founded in the nineteenth
century. When walking along the street, one sees an astonishing sight, a huge and very
life-like mural that covers the entire rear side of the large building. The mural is a
cross-sectional view, in perspective, of a huge Renaissance palace or cathedral, complete
with dome, semidomes, and colonnades. This extraordinary work is by the artists Richard
Haas, and the building on which it is executed is the Boston Architectural Center.
Consequently, an architectural school was founded in 1867. However, Newbury Street is far
better known for its art galleries than for its architecture up to now. The reason is
very observed since there are so many art galleries with a number of masterpieces on the
Newbury Street from one end to another.

The second gorgeous factor on Newbury Street that really lures the shoppers and those who
pass by is the Armani Café. It is the place that gathers international people together
not just only weekends, but also weekdays. Even though the food in Armani Café is not
that good, it is always over-crowded. The main reasons most people go there is because of
its atmosphere and location. The decoration of Armani Café is very simple, but
attractive. First of all, the ceiling is very high, so people do not feel stuffed. There
are black leather couches all around the walls and brown wooden tables. On the right,
there is a well-designed bar for visitors, and people prefer to sit inside or outside,
depending on the weather. Moreover Armani Café has the cleanest and finest toilets and
service; this is the reason why people feel safe and comfortable about eating there.
During the weekends, people go there to have a drink and socialize with others before
going to nightclubs. You can see the same people there sitting in the same position from
the morning till night. These people, especially Arabic guys, go there to check out the
girls. They like to park their Porches in front of the Armani Café, and think that the
girls will notice them more easily. At the bar, you usually see Latinos drinking and
talking loudly. During the weekdays Asians usually hang around in the Armani Café.
Everyone goes to Armani Café well dressed, and every single person carries a cell phone,
calling from table to table. Each time you go there, you see at least two tables arguing
with the waitresses because the service is extremely slow due to the number of visitors.
For that reason, you should order your food without ever losing time by looking at the
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