Nice balls Essay

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nice balls

Hey everybody have you seen my balls they're big and salty and brown? If you need a quick
fix, pick them up, and stick my balls in your mouth.

Word up homey g-funk era dog. I'm down with the shizzle nizzle in the fizzle tonizzle.
Tizzight? Coo. Wanna go blaze some wizzle??

Like totally rad dude. that freakin rocks. if i wasn't like a total stoner man, then i
would suck your ass and like your twat. that would be rad. Man like totally. I wish that i
had like 3 chicks to bone at the same time...that would be like totally out there. totally

When do i hit 250 words so that i can just get one freakin paper so i don't fail my psych
class again?? how many people fail psych 2301 twice?? not many...i would probably pass if
i would just do my stinkin homework and take my tests. Then i wouldn't be in such a
freakin pickle about this dang essay. Crap i hope that this put me over 250 words.

Damn! It didn't. So here's my fix, I'm 5'11 and sexy as hell! Chicks love my 12" cock and
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