Night Argumentative Essay

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1) How did Wiesel's belief in God change through his camp experiences?

In the beginning of the book, Wiesel strongly believed in a god. He believed in a god so
strongly that he sought out someone to teach him about his god. He also wanted to teach
him how to live by the rules of his god. As the book, progressed Wiesel began to lose
faith in his god. Wiesel saw many horrific events, which led him to believe that there is
no possibility of a god existing because he would never let these things happen to his
people. By the end of the novel, Wiesel had lost all faith in God.

5) Wiesel expresses his anger at God many times during the book but especially on page 65.
What do you think about this anger? Is it understandable, appropriate or is it
irrational or even blasphemous?

I think that Wiesel's anger is completely understandable. If I were enduring such
hardships as Wiesel, I might very well become just as angry as he does at the god I
believe in. I might even denounce him as Wiesel does. Wiesel has the right to be angry.
He feels that he does not deserve to be enduring such hardships. He wants god to help him
by stopping the pain and when God does not come to the aid of Wiesel, he denounces him.
Emotions probably ran so high and the pain was probably so great that it was very easy to
become angry with god.

6) At one point, Wiesel says he does not feel human anymore. What did he mean by this and
what things can make a person lose his sense of humanity and dignity?

I think when Wiesel says that he does not feel human anymore he means that he is living
like an animal. He is caged like an animal. He works like an animal. He also is stripped
of all the things that make him human. He is not aloud to stand up for his rights. He can
not speak with his own free will. If he does, he will be killed. This compares to someone
who beats his or her dog. If you hit the dog long enough and he will flinch anytime,
someone raises a hand to the dog. The dog has been stripped of his pride just like Wiesel
who has been stripped of his pride.
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