Nightjohn and Number the Stars

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Nightjohn and Number the Stars

In Nightjohn there were a number of facts, details and incidents that contribute to the
historical accuracy of the book. I have outlined some of the more specific examples as

There was a man who risked his life for the sake of teaching the other children in the
surrounding plantations how to read and write.

The owner of the plantation whipped his slaves for moving too slow and did go out with
dogs and two field hands after any of the slaves if they decide to run. He brings two
field hands with him so they can see what happens and retell the story back at the
quarters. He does this basically so everyone will be horrified and won't decide to escape.

Reading and writing was strictly forbidden because the owner wanted to keep them ignorant
so they wouldn't rebel against him.

Once a female got her "troubles" [menstrual cycle] they would be sent off to the breeding sheds to reproduce.
The "mammy" took care of all the young ones until they were old enough to go out and work in the fields.
The slaves were forced to eat from a trough like animals.
The mammy would pray with her head inside a kettle so that the owners would not hear her
pray. Praying, too, was strictly forbidden.

Number the Stars contains even more facts, details and incidents that contribute to the
historical accuracy of the book. They are outlined below:

King Christian X was a King during the time of war in Denmark. He also surrendered to the
Germans in 1940 because of the fact that "the country was small and undefended, with no
army of any size." (Lowry 134).

"It is true that he (King Christian) rode alone on his horse from the palace every
morning, unguarded, and greeted his people." (Lowry 134).

The German soldiers occupied Denmark for five years.
The Germans controlled the rail system, hospitals, schools, government, and even the newspapers.
The story about the soldier who saw King Christian ride by on his horse one morning and
asked a boy "Where is his body guard?" to which the boy replied "All of Denmark is his
bodyguard", is in fact, true.

On August 1943, the Danes did sink their entire navy in Copenhagen harbor before the
Germans came to take the ships for their own use.
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