Nine Elders Of Huichang

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Nine elders of Huichang

Sharon Matute October 24, 1999

Art 100 – 007 Professor Sax

Art can be used to study the progression of a civilization through time. Art is usually used to express one’s beliefs religiously, politically, and sometimes as a source of communication, which is accomplished through imagery. Symbols in works of art can be related to nature and myths.1 From the beginning of Chinese history, art and philosophy worked hand-in-hand with the creation of a work of art. Chinese art was used as evidence of a person’s behavior and attitude towards nature and other beings (e.g. the nicer the painting the better the person.)2
During the seventh and eighth centuries Chinese art was at its peak. China at this time was under the jurisdiction of the T’ang Dynasty. Because of the beautiful work being manufactured China became a multinational society. Paintings and sculptures were not the only works that China would receive admiration for. Their music and literature (poems which sometimes explained works of art) were also at their richest points,3
T’ang art has incomparable vigor, realism, dignity… There is an optimism, an energy, a frank acceptance of tangible reality which gives the same character to all T’ang art, whether it be the most splendid fresco
from the hand of a master or the humblest tomb figurine made by the village potter. (Sullivan 160)
When a piece of artistic work was considered good all that really mattered was the amount of effort that went into the piece and not the derivation of the person’s economic class. Scarce materials were used very often in the creation of Chinese artifacts.

One of the mot famous and revered stones used was Jade, which was very hard and indestructible. Jade cannot be found in China; it was traded with Burma, which is located on the outer edge of China, so it is amazing to know how much work was done with it in the 600 and 700 era. Jade was usually used in burials in the sealing of the orifices of the body. This mineral was also recognized for having a beautiful reverberating tone. Jade was carved by pulverizing it with the assistance of an abrasive powder, a skill that was modified from the Shang craftsmen from their Neolithic craftsmen.4 The fine work on the Emerald was done through the use of a wire saw for fine details. Then it is smoothed with a polishing wheel.5

In the process of working with Jade the artisan would have to form a respect induced relationship between self and the material. When the artist first receives the material he would not begin to carve because the contour, proportions, and decoration of the piece would d

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