Non Specific Organizational Patterns Essay

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Non Specific Organizational Patterns

During the course of the world's history, the people of the world have seen numerous
actions that have prohibited the growth and expantion of the human mind. A subtile one of
these is Non Specific Organizational patterns. This prohibits any neurons in the brain to
connect with their partner the electrons. The elecrons are then unable to create the route
to form what is commonly called a new wrinkle, or sort of a short cut to that area making
memorizing things easier. for example, when a first grader learns addition and subtraction
for the first time, it must be explained to him or her to find that route and make a
connection using the reasoning of his own mind and accepting the truth and reality that
the teacher is explaining to him. after this is drilled into him or her time and time
again the "short cut" becomes more and more defined and the pupil over time memorizes the
answers and is then able to use this sort cut to develop others and use them in others as
well. A prime example of the reality and truth of this is when the average person in the
United States above the grade of say eight can instananeously give the correct answer to
the math problem, two plus two equals four. once the person has got the route undoubtably
clear, then they are able to use the problem in other ways for example in algebra years
later they the same person may see the problem two plus x equals four. this then triggers
the thought of the variable, x, is two, because the end result is four.

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