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None Provided16

“The Hidden Wholeness” is the idea that in everything there is unity and integrity a fire
burning in each and everything that connects things, all sorts of different and mysterious
things. Palmer believes that having polarities and paradox’s is necessary. When you look
at a polarity or a paradox there is a neglected pole or side, and we are trained to
neglect one side. We are trained to listen to only one side instead of with both ears. He
believes that this is because we are too competitive and that we look at the world through
analytical lenses. “We see everything as this or that, plus or minus, on or off, black, or
white; and we fragment reality into an endless series of either-or’s.” (pg62)

Palmer believes that these things are needed in the classroom, but instead of seeing them
as either-or’s we need to look at them as both-and’s.

Space should welcome both silence and speech: Most people believe that words are the only
way of exchange in teaching and learning. But silence gives us the opportunity to reflect
upon what we and others have said and heard. In a sense silence is a sort of speech that
we have with ourselves, a sort of monologue we have with ourselves. A conversation that
allows you to reflect, think or talk to yourself.

When you observe a group of typical size, they can tolerate silence for approximately
fifteen seconds, before someone will break the silence. This is because the silence is
causing tension in the group and they feel the need to break the tension. They also feel
that the only way the tension can be released is by breaking the silence. Behind all of
this is fear, fear is what creates the tension. Fear is interpreting the silence as
something gone wrong. People feel that they aren’t progressing if there is silence.
Therefore they feel that talking will progress the group onto other important and
worthwhile things or goals.

What many people, teaches and students alike forget is that in true education silence is
not frowned upon. Here teachers and students know that there is monologue or reflection
occurring during silence. Silence is not a bad happening, that will repress or delay the
desired outcome. In fact silence is a trusty learning plate for learning of the deepest

The space should invite the voice of the individual and the voice of the group: In order
for any space to encourage learning it needs to invite students to find their true voice.
It must allow students to express their truest feelings, even if they are not appreciated
or accepted by the rest of the students. Learning will not happen when students will not
express their ideas, emotions, confusions, questions, ignorance’s and prejudices. When
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